Tool 1 – Tapping

I’m going to be sharing my top 4 tools to help you on a daily basis with your journey through financial difficulty.

The first tool to tell you about is called Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping.

It blends eastern acupressure with western psychology, allowing you to address deeper emotions. The relief it provides to stress is incredible” Nick Ortner from The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief.

nick ortner pain relief

For me tapping has been a game changer.

I’m someone who feels everything deeply and I also pick up on other people’s emotions. I used to get stuck in certain emotions and not know how to release them.

I discovered tapping about three and a half years ago when my husband was having his work-related breakdown, when I became the sole earner, and when my Mom was seriously ill with cancer.

This super simple, easy to learn technique gave me relief from stress. The sense of relief I would feel after a few rounds of tapping was immense, and that got me started with tapping.

Then I started tapping around all of the difficult emotions I would experience on a daily basis, these included fear, sadness, frustration, anger and even despair at times.

In 2016 when Paul had his breakdown and we first go into serious financial difficulty, I was convinced that we wouldn’t ‘survive’ this experience and that we were going to end up homeless.

Paul was also self-medicating with alcohol at this time, so there were some nights when I got home from work and things seemed impossible.

That’s when I would start tapping.

Tapping helped me to feel more hopeful on those nights, and I would find myself thinking, “I can get through this.”


When I wrote my Make Peace with Money course, one of the tools I got my clients to use was vision boarding. Now, the reason I’m writing about this is that in 2017 I decided to learn more about both vision boarding and about tapping because I wanted to help my clients in a more powerful way.

This led me to the wonderful Melanie Moore (formerly Bundock) who is both a vision boarding and tapping expert. Since January 2018, I have been part of Melanie’s community. I first did her online Vision Board Workshop, then I went to a one day workshop with her, and from there I joined her Vision Alignment Group.

melanie bundock
Melanie Moore (formerly Bundock)

This has helped me go much deeper with tapping and I now use tapping for all of those pesky limiting beliefs I have. I have also discovered how to use tapping to rewire in the positive beliefs and also work with forgiveness. One day at a time I am building my sense of hope and self belief and starting afresh.

In my next blog, I will be doing a short video to show you how to tap and to show you the simple way I use tapping so you can get started.

Until then You Got This!

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4 thoughts on “Tool 1 – Tapping”

  1. Very open and honest post. You’ll be able to help a lot of people with your experience and tried and tested techniques.

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