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Getting to grips with Paprika finance system

If you are a company that requires a project based finance system, you have probably heard of, or are using the job costing finance system called Paprika.

I have been working with companies who use Paprika for the past 14 years (since 2003) and during this time, I have become a very experienced super user.

Some companies I have worked with who use Paprika well:


Red House Lane Communications

Meteorite Marketing


MJL Marketing

  ThinkHouse Ireland

Velocity Partners

When Paprika is used correctly it provides accurate financial information that business owners and managers can use when making those vital business decisions.

However, most companies I have worked with struggled to make the most of this system and ended up running a second system such as excel in tandem with Paprika; which resulted in doubling the workload for their finance and account teams.

If you are struggling to make Paprika work for you, don’t worry, because I can help you to get to grips with the system in the following ways:

An Initial consultation:

This serves to clarify the issues you are having with Paprika, and what you want from the system. My 25 years of accounting experience enables me to pick up very quickly where you are with Paprika and how best to serve you.

Clarity image

Finance Roadmap:

I then create a Finance Roadmap which will outline my recommendations and suggestions for improving both your systems and your procedures.



With my accounting and systems experience, I can help both your finance and accounts team to implement the recommendations. I understand the pressures and challenges of working in a busy company and am best placed to help with a smooth transition.

“Thank you for the excellent work which you have done for us over the years.  You have been instrumental in helping deliver big improvements in the financial acumen of the wider business, which in turn has improved efficiencies and the profitability of the business.” 

Robin Burman, Financial Director, RPM


If your finance team need training on any particular aspect of Paprika, or your account teams need a refresher on raising purchase orders, budgets, or tracking their jobs I can put together either one-to-one or group trainings.

Training manuals:

I create bespoke training manuals that your existing team or new starters can come back to time and time again.


I have worked for many years with Deborah Broadbent of Vision FR who is an excellent recruitment agent who specialises in finding employees with Paprika experience.


I offer affordable competitive rates. My priority is to help you and your business.

If you would like to get to grips with Paprika, and work more efficiently, then give me a call, and we can discuss how I can help you.

My contact details are as follows: mobile 07729 161412 and email




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