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You Can’t Start a Journey Without a Map – An Introduction To My Finance Road Map

“To embark on the journey towards your goals and dreams requires bravery. To remain on that path requires courage. The bridge that merges the two is commitment.” Steve Maraboli

Most companies I have worked with and most of the people I know have one thing in common – they are super busy.

For companies; they are building their client list, improving their margins, while finding employees who can juggle one-hundred-and-one things with a smile. For people; they are juggling work, life outside of work, and trying to fit in a bit of me time, when they have five minutes. Both have dreams and goals; they want to keep moving forward, to find fulfilment and success.

In my experience though, when you are too busy it’s difficult to see the wood from the trees. How can you know what your next step is when you can’t see where you are?

“There is no time more valuable than a moment of clarity” Linda Poindexter

My ‘Road Map’ is the second step of a five step process (I will be guiding you through the other steps in the near future); and it is designed to give you clarity as to your current financial position; it is a snapshot of where you are now.

The ‘Road Map’ highlights The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of how people relate, act and feel about money.  It is not just about highlighting the negative areas, but the positive areas as well; after all this process is about building confidence, not putting people down.

So, the ‘Road Map’ is the first step on the journey to where you want to be, and is a powerful tool in helping you to make positive strategic decisions in your personal life and for your business.


Personal and company finance, tend to get a bit of a raw deal; let’s face it we all know that finance is not the most scintillating area to focus on! What’s more for many people they are afraid of dealing with their finances and sometimes it’s easier just to bury their heads in the sand.

head stuck in sand image

However, if we don’t look at where we are (no matter how scary that may be) we can’t move forward towards our juicy goals (whether those are to get more clients, to find a better job, have more money in the bank, or have a positive cash flow.)

One of my current corporate clients is reliant on excel spreadsheets to help them manage their current jobs. I believe that by using their existing accounting system more effectively, that each one of their employees could save at least 15 minutes a day (that’s 1 hour a week.) They have 30 employees. That’s potentially 30 extra hours a week. Think about what any company could do with that!  It took me one day to recognise what they could be doing better.

One of my Make Peace with Money clients discovered after one session that he had a belief that he was irresponsible with money, so for many years he didn’t even try to be different. After uncovering this belief, he was able to start taking action to change this. It turns out that he is responsible and this is not only changing the way he manages his personal money, but also how he spends his business money too.

Some companies I have worked with and some people I know don’t think it’s worth taking the time to get clear on where they are financially (whether this is with their systems and processes, or actually understanding what the numbers are telling them) but these are the businesses and people who get stuck where they are, and struggle to change and grow.

My Finance Road Map is a valuable tool, which if used in the right way can lead not only to time and money gains, but also to inspired action.

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