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Another Successful Dream On Day In Chiswick

“The good news is, it’s not raining!….. No hold it; it’s pouring down.”

Despite the weather, the Dream On Day went ahead as planned on Saturday 7th November, at the Crown & Anchor on Chiswick High Road.

As on the morning of all the Dream On Days, we woke up with a mixture of excitement and nerves, and set about getting the kit together.  This time it was a bit different, because we had all of the sound equipment for the music sets, so knew we had more to do than normal.

Each time we host a Dream On Day, we look to do things a little different than the previous time.  Whilst we had the Wellness Spa and the live music as usual, this time we decided to turn the back room into a pop-up art and craft galleryWe still supported small businesses, because we worked with The Chiswick Pop Up, which is a market run by Esther Gibbs and the Chiswick Collective.  The aim of the Chiswick Pop Up is to offer something new to the Chiswick community by supporting and showcasing the many wonderful small independent businesses, located within Chiswick and the surrounding areas. The market is open the first Saturday of every month, and is at the Barley Mow Centre.

By working together, we made sure that all the bases of helping people to promote their ventures were covered.

The Wellness Spa

Prabha Shiyani (Nutrition Expert & Wellness Coach)
Martha English (Acupuncturist & Healer)
Ellie Wharton (Positivitea)
Optimal Spine
Heather Whyte (Reflexology)
Shirley Zerf (Mindfulness Coach)
Ginta Drobulyte (Massage Therapist/The Massage Centre)

feet dream on day

The Wellness Spa is all about promoting different health therapies.  We love to give the therapists a platform to present, and showcase their particular area of expertise.  The Health Spa is also a place for members of the public to try out some of the treatments, and learn how they can improve their health, and find help with any current problems they have.

 the massage centre

This time, we were delighted that Prabha Shiyani did a talk called ‘Kicking The Sugar Habit’.  This was a clear, insightful talk on the effect sugar has on our body and our health.  Prabha did not preach, or scaremonger, she gave the facts, which were both interesting, and eye opening.  We will be sharing the video very soon; but if you are interested to learn more, please feel free to get in touch with Prabha.  Her details can be found on the community page of our website.

 prabha talk

Whilst everyone brought something special to the Wellness Spa, it was great to have Heather Whyte showcasing reflexology.  Heather’s practise is relatively new; she was inspired to become a reflexologist after attending one of our previous Dream On Days, which is fantastic; and a story we will share with you in another post, very soon.

 heather whyte

Live Music


Ed & Anthony Brothwood

 We are always passionate to showcase original music, and we were very excited to have two great acts at this Dream On Day.

Elsa is a talented singer songwriter, who we connected with a couple of years ago.  We have tried to get her to perform previously, however the timings never quite worked out.  As well as gigging in London, she also performs in her native France.


If you came to our recent Dream On Session, you will have heard Ed and Anthony Brothwood, and know how good they are.
the ages 2

Normally, they are part of a band called The Ages, but they have enjoyed performing as a duo, and each time, they have been brilliant.
the ages 1

As we mentioned before, we had to set up the sound equipment, a daunting task for two technophobes.  Luckily we had the help for the brilliant Mark from Broadcast and Media.

Mark leant us the equipment, and even took the time to show us how to set it up.  We had a couple of weeks to practice (turning our flat into a disco), so we were able to set up relatively quickly on the day.  Apart from one major case of feedback, we did pretty well.

Art & Craft Gallery

Lhouette (Artist provided by The Capulet Gallery)
Christine Knight (Jewellery)
Roz Wallis (Ceramics)
Kelly Reeves (Photographer)
Alastair Hilton (Photographer)

Having not done this before, it was a bit of an unknown, on how we were going to do it, and who we could get to showcase their work.

One weekend, we were walking past The Capulet Gallery on Chiswick High Road, and saw a stunning painting of a hummingbird; as we love hummingbirds we popped in, and that was where the connection started.  The manager, Chloe was excited to be part of the Dream On Day, and we were blown away when she said that she would arrange for one of the galleries artists, Lhouette, to showcase on the day.

It was fantastic having Lhouette there, not only did he bring two of his amazing pieces, but he did a live painting outside the front of the pub.

lhoutte gallery

The finished painting was fantastic, and even better when you consider that Lhouette, and his colleague Omar battled wind and pouring rain.  To be honest, we thought they would give up, and even encouraged them to shelter in the pub, but they would not be beaten, and battled on with their creation.


We were delighted to have other beautiful creations on show in the gallery; Alastair Hilton shared some of his photographs of landmarks in Chiswick and London.


Roz Wallis brought along some of her unique creations from her Chiswick studio.  She has just joined our community, so we will be sharing more about Roz shortly.


Christine Knight makes some stunning jewellery, and scented candles in tea cups, which she was showcasing and selling on the day.


Last, but by no means least was Kelly Reeves.  Kelly has been a great supporter of Dream On Foundation, and has photographed many of our events.  Her photographs give the people who attend some great images for them to use, and fantastic memories for us.

As well as the three main areas, we also had the talented David Harris, who was on hand to wow people with his close-up magic.  David has become an integral part of our events, and we look forward to his show in April, which he is busily planning.


Whilst promoting our Dream On Session, we walked into our local branch of Barclays, on Chiswick High Road.  We only wanted to see if they would put a poster up for us, but we ended up meeting the branch manager, Dacsha.  She was excited to see what we are doing with Dream On, and agreed to be part of it; this included attending the Dream On Day with two members of her team, Paola and Dominic, so they could meet with the business owners, and answer any banking related questions.


It was wonderful that Chris, Piers and Lorna from Chiswick Buzz came to the day to interview some of those who were there to showcase their work.  As always, their support of our events is invaluable.  Below is the link to their video report.


We hope that if you came to the day, that you enjoyed it, and took some inspiration from it, and most of all had fun.

As always, we have a lot of people to thank for helping us prepare for, and run the day.  Mostly, we have to say a big thank you to Paul and his team at the Crown & Anchor for allowing us to take over his pub.

Next year we will be hosting more events, so we will keep you updated.  Remember, you can subscribe to the Dream On Community, either as an individual or as a business, head to our website for more info.

Thanks for reading; and don’t forget…

Dream On.

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