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Meet John Limpus, The Founder Of Urban Vitality – Helping Busy People Achieve Extraordinary Things

Tell us a brief bit about you:  

I changed career 10 years ago, because I was bored and stressed out selling software to investment banks. I didn’t find the work meaningful, and I didn’t enjoy it.

I find the work I do now hugely meaningful for me, and I love it.

I can really relate to the pain people experience, when they are not enjoying life and struggling with stress.

I help people become bigger than their current challenges so that life becomes more fun.

Tell us about Urban Vitality: 

Urban Vitality is a Fitness and Lifestyle company; that specialises in helping busy people, who don’t like the gym or conventional lifestyle coaching programs, achieve extraordinary things. My clients are a group of the most amazing people who I am lucky enough to call my friends. 

urban vitality image

What made you start?

I was a lousy employee, so I guess it was inevitable that I would always end up doing my own thing. I started because I “had to” rather than because I “wanted to”. I’m blessed to have chosen a few totally inappropriate careers very early in my life!

What is your dream for your business?

I want Urban Vitality to help 1000 busy people achieve 1000 extraordinary things. To be part of someone becoming a little bigger than their fears and frustrations is what motivates me. I’ve done the whole “fear” / anxiety / Stress out thing, and it wasn’t much fun. If I can help one person grow bigger than those challenges then I’m humbled. 

Who has supported you in your journey so far?

There genuinely have been way too many people to mention here, but the people I am most grateful for are my parents, everyone of my clients, and the small business community of Chiswick. 

Who is your hero and greatest inspiration (Famous person or other)?

My Mother and Father, Jesus Christ, and anyone who has the courage to follow their dream. 

What is your greatest joy about running Urban Vitality?

I have the opportunity everyday to make someone feel special, important and significant. That’s friggin awesome. 

What is your greatest challenge in running Urban Vitality?

Letting opportunity come to me. Creating things that are bigger than my fears. 

How have you overcome the challenges of running a business?

My biggest challenges have been overcome by letting others help me, and by focusing on serving others. Knowing what is TRULY serving others is the tricky part!! My ego often gets in the way…. 😦

What advice would you give to others on following their passions and dreams?

Start with service, and don’t expect things to go as planned. It’s not about you.

To find out more about John and Urban Vitality: Urban Vitality website

An amazing story brought to you by the Dream On Foundation


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