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Meet Martha English – Emotional Blockbuster, Acupuncturist, Healer

Name: Martha English

Tell us a brief bit about you: I am a mum of two, living in W4, living and loving life to the full!

Tell us about your business? Combining healing and acupuncture together, getting deep to the root of a pain. Harmonising the body so that the person will feel themselves again. I have a calm, serene and inspirational clinic space where people can come and begin their healing.


What made you start? I managed to get myself back to health after a serious illness and decided that if I could do it, then others could too.

What is your dream for your business? I want a healing sanctuary where if need be people can stay and relax as long as they need.

Who has supported you in your journey so far? So many people! These are just some of them: Kim & Paul, Alison Ling, Maria Elliot, Caroline Kremer, The W4 community.

Who is your hero and greatest inspiration (Famous person or other)? Love is my inspiration, not really a person!

What is your greatest joy about running your business? Helping others to help themselves.

What is your greatest challenge in running your business? Getting the word out.

How have you overcome the challenges of running a business? With a lot of support from others, determination and focussing on my dream.

What advice would you give to others on following their passions and dreams? NEVER EVER GIVE UP

find out more about Martha and her healing hereMartha English website

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