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Dream On Takes a Giant Step, as we Launch Our New Website

After years of making do with a ‘build your own’ website; we decided that in order for the Dream On Foundation to grow, and provide the community with the hub it deserves, we had to get something new.

Neither of us are good at the technical side of things, so we set about finding a professional who could do the job for us; an option that would save us a lot of time, and also prevent us from throwing our computer out the window in frustration.

A very good friend (Martha English) recommended a chap who had built her website, so we got in contact with Aaron from Little Red Postbox, and the rest (as they say) is a new website.

Rather than release the website quietly, we decided that the hard work done by Aaron, and his partner Amy, deserved a launch, plus it would give us a great opportunity to showcase to people what we want to achieve, and how the Dream On Foundation can help.

On Thursday 9th July, we hosted the launch in the upstairs room at the Crown & Anchor on Chiswick High Road.  Our hearts sank when we learnt of the London Underground strike, but while a lot of people could not make it due to the travel disruption; we were so excited that so many were able to make it on the night.

We were very excited to have Fran, the founder of The Massage Centre with us, who was on hand to give the weary travellers a short neck and shoulder massage, which went down really well; everyone looking immediately relaxed, and saying it was one of the best massages they have had!

David Harris receiving a relaxing massage from Fran

In order for everyone to get a good idea of what we want to achieve through the Dream On Foundation, we did a forty minute presentation, giving those present an idea of why we started the foundation, a bit about our background, and most importantly the first glimpse of the new website.

The Set-up

The Set-up

Us presenting

The main differences between the new and old websites are that we want to tell you about are:

  1. Subscriptions – Businesses and Individuals can now subscribe to the Dream On Community. The Small Business subscription is £75 per year, and for this, each business/venture will have their own mini profile page, plus we will do all we can to help promote their business, with a focus on the owners as individuals.  For Individuals, it is £25 per year, and will give subscribers the opportunity to connect with the other community members through our new Forum, and seek help with any aspects of their lives.
  2. Help Sheets – We are passionate about helping people learn and develop, so when you subscribe to the Dream On Foundation, we will give you access to our Drop Box, where you will find a selection of help sheets from an array of businesses, offering help and advice on all areas of life.
  3. The Calendar – One of the most important new additions to our website, the calendar will help promote events that the community members are running, or part of; and will also provide information to everyone on some exciting events to attend.
  4. The Forum – We really want the community to grow, and for people to help each other so we have a public and private forum, where people can connect, ask question, and help each other.
  5. Make Peace With Money – Kim has combined her passion for helping people with her 20 years experience in finance to create a course that really helps people to get to the bottom of their issues with money.

As always, we could not have done the launch without the help of so many people; the local Twitter community got on the case from the start, David Harris was there to entertain people with his brilliant close-up magic, Fran was offering massages, and Chiswick Buzz were on hand to record our presentation, and interview people.

Aaron & Amy being interviewed by Chiswick Buzz

Emily from Spook Cooking enjoying close-up magic from David Harris

Emily from Spook Cooking enjoying close-up magic from David Harris

The biggest thank you has to go to Aaron and Amy.  Below is the link to our new website; the feedback on the night was amazing, and I’m sure you’ll agree; so feel free to click and explore all things Dream On Foundation.

If you have any questions, or want to subscribe, do get in touch; we look forward to hearing from you.  Three businesses have already signed up, so watch this space for lots and lots of updates.

Thank for reading, and don’t forget to Dream On!

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