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Dream On Day 5 Hits Chiswick

2014 has been a relatively quiet year for the Dream On Foundation, as far as events go, but we decided that we had to do another Dream On Day before the end of the year; they are a lot of hard work, but we love them.

During the year we made some fantastic new connections with local Chiswick businesses, mainly through attending the local TweetUp (a social get together for the local Twitter Community, so people can meet in person, rather than just being a Twitter handle); so it was a great opportunity to introduce some new people to the Dream On Days.

As previously, The Crown & Anchor on Chiswick High Road offered us the space to host the event.  The new manager, Gordon, was fully behind the day, and was relaxed despite watching us turn his newly refurbished pub into something that resembled organised chaos.  In a short time we had the area for the bands, the back room full with small businesses, and the upstairs turned into a calm, relaxing wellness spa.


For those of you who have not experienced a Dream On Day yet, it is a platform for people to showcase their products and their talents.  It is a free event, open to everyone; it is a space where everyone can find something to suit their needs, whether it is to have fun, to be inspired, or to learn from others.

We were very lucky to have the following businesses showcase on the day:

Wilson Picks (pre-loved china), Sipsmith (a local based distillers), Badger & Earl (crafts), Alis Vol Proparis (handmade jewellery), London Mummy (Baby and children’s gifts) and Kelly Reeves Photography (photography).

Charlotte, founder of Badger & Earl

In the Wellness Spa, the following were on hand to impart their knowledge:

Martha English (acupuncture), Jamie Betts (personal trainer), Prabha Shiyani (wellness coach & nutrition), Caroline Kremer (Bowen & Just Breathe), Maralyn Weber (reiki, reflexology & Indian head massage), Optimal Spine and Jani White (acupuncture & Chinese medicine).

Jani White & Martha English

Those that visited were wowed by the following live music acts:

Karis Bunney, Richard Letchford, ABI, Tom Dibb, Hannah Dorman and Red Rose Empire (who were supportive as ever by setting up the PA system for all the bands).


As well as just being a showcase for people, our aim is to help the community members in other ways.  Each time we have had a photographer attend the day, and this time we were delighted to have the wonderfully talented Kelly Reeves snapping away (Kelly Reeves Photography).  Kelly took some amazing photographs which she has shared with the community members for them to use in growing their businesses and profiles.

Each time we run a Dream On Day, we also look to find a way of making it bigger and better than before.  As we cannot extend the pub, we decided to try to do even more to help promote the day and the community members, so we asked Chiswick Buzz (a local Internet TV channel) if they would come along to do a report on the day, we were so excited when they said they would.

Us being interviewed by Chiswick Buzz

Piers and Alex spent the day going around, recording and interviewing the community members; we have to admit, it was a bit daunting when they asked to interview us, we are much happier being behind the scenes, but it was great to have the opportunity to tell people about the event, what we are trying to achieve, and to thank everyone for their help in making the day what it is.Jeannie Shapiro, founder of Wilson Picks being intervied

Kim has always had a dream to have a magician at the day, and she was overjoyed when close up magician David Harris agreed to attend.  David was brilliant, wowing everyone with his close up magic, every so often cries of, how did he do that! were heard; David really helped bring fun to the day.

David Harris

This time, we also wanted to introduce the world of art to Dream On.  Paul met a colleague at work who said she was an artist, but had lost her motivation, and she needed a challenge to get her spark back, so Paul challenged her to create a painting for the Dream On Day; below is her creation, along with a beautiful dream catcher.

Lorna Songhurst

Our aim was to auction the items off in a blind auction, surprisingly there were no bids, which was a disappointment, however we feel we may have had a part to play in that.  We love the painting and the dream catcher so much we may have subconsciously wanted to keep them.  Lorna even admitted that she was thinking of us having them when she created them.

We seemed even more destined to keep the items, when we decided that the painting would make a brilliant logo for the Dream On Foundation.  We have been looking to create a logo for a while now, and it was amazing to see it appear before us without expecting it.  The logo is currently in the design stage, so will be released soon.

As always, the day would not have been what it was without the people who visited; some stayed all day, and some could only pop in for a short time, either way it was great that people gave up their time to support the event.

Kim & Ahrani

We were also proud to have our local MP attend.  Mary MacLeod has supported all of our Dream On Days, and she took the time to meet as many of the people involved in the day as she could.  Mary is passionate about the local community, and helping small businesses.

Mary MacLeod meeting some of the community

The Dream On Days are very special to us, as it shows what community can do when it pulls together.  We know that we could not have done it without the help and generosity of others; no more so than from local estate agents Winkworth Chiswick.  We met Alistair Hilton at the TweetUp and he was more than happy to sponsor the day, helping to provide much-needed financial support.

To find out more about the Dream On Foundation, and to get news and updates on what we are doing, and about future events, subscribe to the blog, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

As always, thanks for your support.

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