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Introducing Caroline Kremer, Who Will Be Part Of The Wellness Spa At The Dream On Day

1. What made you become a health care practitioner?

My general life style was one of what I thought was a balanced life – but in reality it wasn’t. I gradually saw the pattern of being put back together after what had become a regular 6-month collapse. It dawned on me that I needed to do something to maintain my health rather than get it fixed after it went wrong.

It was in the late 1990’s when my husband was told that Chemo and Radiotherapy couldn’t impact the tumours growing in his body that my interest in alternative healthcare grew. That process brought me the understanding of the mind body connection and the need for me to take responsibility for my health and wellbeing.

So when the time came for a career change that would allow me to be in control of my time and find balance in my life, I chose Bowen Fascial Release Therapy as my main focus. My mother had studied the Bowen Technique on its arrival in the UK from Australia in the early 90’s. The work triggered a miraculously fast recovery from an acute back problem I had with just one treatment.

What started out as a just a belief of something I could do that would fitted my life practically turned into a passionate desire to bring the work to a wider audience. The breathing study and research I did lead to founding the Just Breathe technique and combining it with Bowen has been inspiring and life changing for many.

2. When did you start?

My Journey started in 2004 when I fully immersed myself in study from Bowen to massage, Anatomy and Physiology to Gait, Alignment and Displacement under the watchful eye of Judith Aston and fascia research through Integrated Human Dissection with Gil Hedley. My learning has been ongoing since with breathing work, yoga and further Bowen and fascia study.

3. What is the best thing for you about your work?

The first thing that comes to mind is that my work isn’t work. I enjoy the time I spend engaging with my clients, stimulating the body’s repair mechanism to trigger change then watching the outcome unfold. Seeing the Eureka moment when the recipient “gets” the changes in the body occurring without force of issue, is a point when an awareness of body and breathing patterns area gained.

The best thing is that through questioning my limiting beliefs, I developed a breathing technique that is quick and easy to learn and implement into everyday life. People are choosing to instigate, through home practice, a full diaphragmatic breathing pattern that enhances rest and digest, improves performance and general wellbeing because they feel the benefits immediately. It is very heartening to enable people to get back to pain free living, feeling energised, moving more fluidly and breathing deeper.

4. What is the biggest challenge you face being a health care practitioner?

The unique approach I use that combines Bowen and Just breathe is changing the rules of recovery from injury from the classic “no pain no gain” to a very gentle whole body approach. Everyone understands what a Physio, Sports Therapist and an Osteopath’s work is about – The biggest challenge is to re-educate the public, medical professions and health insurance companies to another option of healthcare, recovery and wellbeing. It is very encouraging that in Durham and Newcastle two integrated clinics, where Bowen is at the centre of the therapies offered, have won a 4-year contract with the NHS for referrals for pain management because results are quicker, longer lasting and therefore costs less for the stretched NHS purse.

5. What advice would you give to people who are passionate about doing something similar to you and to following their own dreams?

Believe in your gut instinct. Even if the journey seems challenging take the courage to step outside of your comfort zone. Find a mentor to learn from and to support you. Question the limiting beliefs because with the right mindset you can achieve anything.

To find out more about Caroline and her work click here:

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