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Introducing Singer/Songwriter, Hannah Dorman Who Will Be At The Dream On Day

1.Tell us a bit about the type of music you play and about you as a musician?

I play British Country/Rock. My main influence is KT Tunstall with a hint of influence from the likes of Kelly Clarkson and The Pretty Reckless. My roots are very ‘acoustic singer songwriter’ but over the years I’ve developed with a band to create something a little rockier, but still keeping the country/pop element to my vocals and songs.

2. What made you start with your music and when did you start?

As cliché as it sounds I can’t remember wanting to do anything else, I’ve been focused from the beginning and used to dream of being on Top Of The Pops when I was about 4. I started writing and gigging seriously at the age of 15, and I’ve learnt so much and developed a hell of a lot over those 5 years!

3. What is the best thing about being a musician?

I think the best part is writing a song that’s so personal, then watching it grow into a full band arrangement, then on to record, then performing it to people and actually seeing their reactions. For someone to actually enjoy a song you sat and created in your bedroom with your guitar is amazing! I definitely enjoy the creative side and the excitement of putting out a record, but mainly performing!

4. What is your biggest challenge to your ultimate dream? (whether that is writing your own songs, making a living from playing in pubs/events, or being signed to a record label)

Money is the main struggle, sadly money controls everything, but I do believe you can make it as a DIY artist on a low budget.. I have faith!

5. What advice would you give to people wanting to follow their own musical dreams?

Do anything and everything to make it possible, at the end of the day you create your own luck and your own fate. Every day you spend sat around doing nothing at home, there’s someone else getting one step closer to your dream.. so just get on with it and don’t take no for an answer!

To find out more about Hannah and her music, click here:

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