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Introducing Jamie Betts, Who Will Be Part Of The Wellness Spa At The Dream On Day

1. What made you become a health care practitioner?

I have always been very active, even as a young child. I began playing basketball at a very young age and this lead onto playing competitively at the University and National League level. It was at College where I really developed a passion for the fitness and health industry and I have never looked back since!

2. When did you start?

I began my career as a Personal Trainer/Health and Well-Being Advisor 3 years ago working for Nuffield Health. This was a stepping stone for me; I always had plans to start my own business.

3. What is the best thing for you about your work?

I love the feeling of satisfaction when clients accomplish their goals. This is a joint effort between me and the client, so it’s a great feeling for both of us to see results!

I also love getting to know different people, this for me is the most fun part of the job; clients become friends.

4. What is the biggest challenge you face being a health care practitioner?

Getting all of my clients to complete the programme, that I write for them on a monthly basis.

5. What advice would you give to people who are passionate about doing something similar to you and to following their own dreams?

Great question. I would suggest approaching health and fitness, open minded. Be curious, dedicate time for research and question everything! This will help you to become more knowledgable and offer more as a health and fitness professional.

One of my favourite quotes is “Dreams don’t work unless you do”. If you want something in life you have to take that first step, and that first step will lead onto many more! 

 To find out more about Jamie and JCP Body Construction, click here:


picture from JCP body construction website

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