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Introducing Close-Up Magician, David Harris Who Will Be Adding Some Magic To The Dream On Day

1. What made you take up magic and when did you start?

My father used to do magic for me and my siblings birthday parties when we were small, and I found it fascinating, I then asked for a magic set for my 7th birthday and have been doing tricks ever since.   

2What do you love about being a Magician?

I love watching people’s faces and seeing their reactions. I enjoy introducing people to something new, they haven’t seen before and drawing people in. 

3. What are your dreams as a Magician?

I would love to have a one man show in London.

4. What are the challenges to you achieving your dream?

Finding the hours to refine and learn new material and methods, while holding down a full time job. Getting a good audience, many people love my work but wouldn’t have said/thought they were interested in magic, if asked.

5. What advice would you give to people who have a dream that they want to follow?

Have self belief and confidence and be prepared to work hard; nothing is impossible. Talk to as many people who are already in the industry as possible, you will be surprised how many people are willing to help you and give advice.

To find our more about David Harris and his magic, click here:

2nd pic of david harris

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