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Paul & Kim’s Journey: News Update

Hello again. It’s been a few weeks since we wrote anything. Paul has been pretty flat out with his job, and I have been working at a company in Bays Water, covering for their Finance Manager while she was away for a month. It was pretty full on, but such a life changing experience. However, I’ll talk about that another time!

If you’re following a dream, you’ll know that life becomes a serious juggling act. There’s the pace and the challenges of your current life: your current job, your current relationships, and your current financial situation. When you want to create something new in your life, that takes time, effort and nurturing. All in all, it adds up to a busy life.

Our BIG dream is to create and build Dream On, which most of you know about. What you don’t yet know is that we’re extraordinarily lucky to be working with Helen Roberts (super entrepreneur and amazing human being) who is helping us to get clear about Dream On, and to build a social enterprise which makes a fabulous difference. Imagine if there was an easier way to find your Dream Job, your Dream Relationship, your Dream Wealth, your Dream Health… Imagine that.

We had a session with her two weeks ago, and she asked us to go away and do some homework. Our homework was to get really clear about the vision, mission and target market for Dream On. In the session Helen suggested that we change our name, and so we did, but I’ll tell you more about that a little later. So, we’ve done our homework and we’re meeting up with Helen in a few weeks to keep moving forward towards our vision.

Part of what we are also trying to do is to move away from a 9 to 5 fulltime job and move towards earning income from various different avenues. At the moment, Paul is working fulltime in Property Management, but I have a little more flexibility. I am working in short term, and part time Accounts contracts, while I build the training and writing side of Masters Accounting and Training Solutions.

It’s been very exciting since the beginning of the year because I had my first MATS client (who lives in Ireland) who I have been helping over Skype with some Accounts work. I have loved working with her, and am excited about creating more of this type of work. What’s also very cool is that we’ve had our first three writing clients – woohoo! We’ve been helping small businesses with blogging, with short and long biographies for their websites, and have started working on case studies for another exciting business. Paul and I would like to build this area of work as we both love writing. My hope is that we can build this, so eventually Paul can move to more flexible work.

The amazing thing is that as we dream, and as we take action, our life is changing. It’s not an overnight change, and sometimes we don’t feel like we’re getting ‘there’ as fast as we would like. However, the changes are substantial, and we are starting to earn money from doing what we love, in the way we want, and that’s really incredible for us. We’re really starting to believe Helen when she says ‘You can have it all.’ It’s only through taking the journey that we are learning to trust in our dreams and to know that we are moving towards a better future for ourselves.

That’s what we want for you too:-)

Dream On

2 Responses to “Paul & Kim’s Journey: News Update”

  1. cyandippy

    I’m so glad to hear things are so positive for you both and what a beautiful photo.
    I hope the year continues to be just as exciting 🙂

    • Kim Masters

      Hi Sian,

      Thanks so much for your comment; thank you! It’s a photo from just after we were married in the gardens at the Country Club. Good memories. Thanks for your support honey. We look forward to seeing you soon.xx


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