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Full-time Mums make it themselves: an interview with Sangeeta Bhaskar and Laura Wilson

We first met Laura and Sangeeta a couple of years ago at the Crown and Anchor in Chiswick, where they held some of their events. Since then we have got to know these lovely ladies and their business. They have showcased at our Dream On Days, and also invited me to experience some of their workshops (the Manicure Masterclass and the Artisan Chocolate Making Masterclass.) I was very excited to be able to interview them for Absolutely Chiswick magazine last year. Here’s what they had to say about running their own business, whilst juggling the pressures of being full-time mums:

I Made It Myself Interview in Absolutely Chiswick

I Made It Myself Interview in Absolutely Chiswick

1. What was it that made you and Laura decide to change career, and start I Made It Myself?

Both of us were working in the fast paced and creative world of television and wanted to channel our creativity in a different direction, while on maternity leave back in 2009. We had been looking for short, affordable and contemporary craft workshops, and couldn’t find any in west London, so decided to set up our own in Chiswick. We set up regular Sunday sessions, which were held at the Crown & Anchor  in Chiswick, and we also decided to host creative private parties and corporate and members club events in and around London.

2. Tell us a bit more about I Made It Myself?

The aim of I Made It Myself is to offer inspiring, creative workshops, private parties and events.  We handpick talented and friendly teachers, source high quality materials and add a few extras like homemade cake. The workshops are designed to fit into busy lives, with as little fuss as possible – a manageable two hours, easily accessible venues, no previous experience necessary, and all the materials are provided. The ultimate aim is to teach new skills and offer up a unique and enjoyable experience.

3. What are your favourite craft workshops?

We love our vintage jewellery making class as we source beautiful pieces, chains and pearls, so everyone comes away with a totally unique piece.  We are also really excited about our new manicure master class which works brilliantly for parties, and we’ve found people love to experiment with some fun nail art design.

4. You both have young kids – how do you juggle a family and a business?

We both have pre-school children and are full-time mums, so it’s important to us to get the balance right.  We have a couple of mornings to work when the children are in nursery, but the rest of the time we fit it around the kids –  it’s not unusual for us be emailing at 6am or 10pm. We alternate working at weekends for our workshops, parties and events, so we still have family time too.

3. How has your business changed your life?

Running our own business has been a huge learning curve, we’ve made mistakes along the way and it’s been hard work, however it has been incredibly rewarding to grow something from scratch…

To find out more about the upcoming events and workshop; you can visit our website at:

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2 Responses to “Full-time Mums make it themselves: an interview with Sangeeta Bhaskar and Laura Wilson”

  1. Martha Smith

    These amazing ladies as such an inspiration! They are brave, creative and can handle having a successful business, while they are taking care of their little children! I hope I’ll read more and more about their prosperity! There has to be more women like them! Thank you for sharing this interview! I’m really fascinated!

    • Kim Masters

      Hi Martha, thanks so much for your comment. They really are and are now doing even more amazing things. I’m going to meet them in the next few weeks to find out the next update. They make me believe that anything is possible:-)


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