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Launching the Dream On Health Quest

Some of you may remember that last year, we mentioned a ‘Dream On Health Quest’?  Well…. here we go!

Like us, we are sure you all want to do more in order to live a healthier life.  We can guess that the biggest hurdle to this is work, and the ever busier lifestyles we all lead.

Sometimes, it can seem like an impossible challenge to implement the things that could really make a difference to our lives, so we decide not to do them; and where health is concerned, this could have huge consequences.

With the Health Quest we want to help out, and show that your health is the most important thing in the world.  If you do not start to care about yourself, then no one else will. It has to be your number one priority, because without good health, you cannot do all the other fun things you dream of doing.

Over the past few years, we have learnt a lot about health, and learnt the hard way, but thankfully without fateful consequences.  Kim had two blood clots to her lungs three years ago, her mum has been through cancer three times, and Paul kept getting migraines and sinus infections.  All of these things made us look at the way we live, in particular the importance of nutrition.

To start with the Health Quest is going to be focusing on the basics of health.  There are a million different philosophies, old wives tales, and pieces of advice you can get on healthy living; so with the Health Quest we hope to give you the information in one accessible place, and then you can choose which bits work best for you.

As we said before, your health is the most important thing in the world, so we urge you to look at this seriously.  People poke fun at alternative therapies, thinking they are for new age hippies, and generally a bit of a joke.

There are people that believe science is the way forward, but just think about the medicines you take; they are chemicals, with nothing natural in them.  What are they really doing to your body?  The cynical side can say they are made for profit, but then again, we feel that there is still a place for medicine.   Kim’s mum would not be with us if it was not for chemotherapy, although she used this in association with acupuncture.  The trick is to try and put the processes in place that prevent illness, so that medicine is the last resort.  We need to prevent disease where we can.

We aim to get as much information on all the alternative therapies we can by talking to, and getting views from professionals, and from people’s own experiences.  We want to present this information in a simple way, that everyone can understand and then make use of.  We want to give you practical ways of implementing things into your life, things that fit with your lifestyle, although you must be prepared to make some changes.  If you really want to make a difference, then there will always be some time or space you can make to fit it in.  It is about prioritising what is most important to you.

We want you to share your thoughts and opinions, and most of all ask for help if you need it.  It is hard trying to do these things on your own, so we want to help support you in taking the next steps.  Remember, life is about taking small steps, so when we get going, don’t take on too much in one go.

Please don’t think that we will try to preach you into submission, and will try to stop you doing the things you enjoy.  Certain things in moderation can be fine; it’s over indulging that is not so good.  There are things, like smoking, which are really not good for you, but we will give you the information and if you want, the support to help you quit these things, in your own time.

It will not just be you guys we will be following; we will be sharing some of the things we are doing.  Paul recently went to visit a friend, Martha English, who is an acupuncturist for his sinus infection, and what he came away with should be life changing.  It means making some quite major changes to our daily routine, but we think it will be worth it; we will let you know more about this later.  Firstly though we would like to introduce you to Rusty, our brand new rice steamer (we’ll tell you more about him later too).


Meet Rusty, our new rice streamer

Our Dream On Days will also be an opportunity for you to meet with health practitioners, so you can discuss things first hand and try out some of the therapies.  For those who cannot make it to a Dream On Day (they are still only Chiswick based, but over the next few years we hope to change this), then we urge you to find practitioners local to you, and don’t be afraid to ask them questions, and see what they have to say.

Our big dream is to get the Health Quest into companies, because this is where it is really needed.  How many of you skip breakfast?  How many of you eat lunch at your desk?  Work is a place where the worst of health takes place, people depend on caffeine and sugary energy drinks to get by; while this can be fine short term, it certainly is not going to help in the long term.  Ideally we would like to eradicate these practises all together.

We believe that companies should do more to look after their staff, and that they can be just as profitable, and productive with a well nurtured work force.

Well, that’s it; another of our big dreams, and we hope you will join us on this journey, a journey that will hopefully benefit us all.

Here’s to healthy living; and don’t forget to Dream On.

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