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Tom Dibb supports Finley Quaye at Brixton Jamm

After work on Friday 31st January, we headed to Brixton to see Tom Dibb perform at the Brixton Jamm. Tom was one of three supporting acts for well known nineties-reggae-sensation Finley Quaye, who was headlining at the Jamm.

Tom had mentioned that he was really excited to be supporting one of his music heroes. Although we were not that familiar with Finley Quaye and his music, we were super excited to be going along to share the whole experience!

This was our first time at a Brixton Jamm, so we didn’t know much about it. We read on their website that the Jamm ‘is at the heart of Brixton’s lively music scene.’ Paul has never been to Brixton before, and he didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve been to a couple of concerts and performance art nights in Brixton, so I had an idea of what might be in store for us.

The Jamm was a bit further from Brixton tube than we thought, and it was a cold, grey drizzly evening, so we were really happy when we arrived. The man at the front gate took our tickets, and gave us our Jamm entry bracelets for the night.

brixton jamm

We found our way into one of the two big performance rooms. As you entered the room, the bar ran alongside the wall on the right, and the stage was at the far end, with a projection screen behind it.


Fuze performing at the Brixton Jamm

The room was buzzing and there was a band on the stage. They were called Fuze, and they were rocking their little socks off. There must have been about one hundred people in the room at this point. After visiting the bar, and with plastic cup and beer bottle in hand, we found a spot to stand at the back of the room, where we could enjoy the music with a bit of space around us.

Fuze were halfway through their set when we walked in. They are a rock band with more of a hard-edge; they have a bit of a Red Hot Chili Peppers sound about them. The band are made up of Jack Goldsmith on Bass, Keir Adamson on drums, George Kirchner on lead guitar, and Ed Alston as lead singer and rhythm guitarist. The guys rocked out some of their new EP tunes including ‘The Truth Hurts.’  We really enjoyed their set, and had a bit of a boogie as we listened to the tunes. After the set, Paul got one of their EP’s so we can get to know their music a bit better.


Austeya performing at the Brixton Jamm

There was a lady standing next to us who we started talking to. She told us that she had been invited to the Jamm by the manager of the next act, and that she was really looking forward to hearing Austeya perform. This gave us a bit of a buzz for the next act too! Austeya was a pretty singer, songwriter with a professional sound.  She had a soft, velvety kind of tone, and her songs had an electric-pop feel. This was generated by the keyboards on either side of her, giving her a sound reminiscent of the late 80’s, early 90’s. By now, the room had filled up to capacity, and it was a bit of a shame that the buzzing crowd drowned out some of Austeya’s sound.

Tom Dibb at the Brixton Jamm

Tom Dibb and his band at the Brixton Jamm

As Tom Dibb and his band set up, we were joined at the back of the room by the Insomnia crew.  It was great to catch up with Matt, and by the sounds of things they have some exciting plans for Tom this year.

We have often seen Tom perform on his own, just him and his guitar, at acoustic sessions. Tonight, it was great to experience him with the backing of a full band. As always, Tom connected warmly with the audience and each link between songs was informative and fun. No matter, whether he is performing in an intimate venue with a close-knit crowd, or in a jam-packed venue like this, Tom is always a quality act. His professionalism, friendliness and talent never waver. Tom played some of our favourites like ‘Waychange’ and ‘Old Man,’ but he also included two new songs, ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Haunted Minds,’ which we really enjoyed. Some people commented that he was the stand out act of the night….and even though we may be biased, we agree.

Tom Dibb main pic for Brixton Jamm blog

Tom Dibb and his band performing at the Brixton Jamm

Finally, it was time for the headline act of the night, Finley Quaye. As I said in the beginning, we don’t really know him or his music that well, although Paul remembered that he was huge in the nineties. The set felt quite odd for us, because he was mostly bent over whilst singing, or had his back to the audience, so there was no connection with him as a person. Although the music did draw us in with the reggae beats and Quaye’s very individual vocals, we didn’t stay for his full set. Paul was in the early stages of man-flu, and it had been a long evening on our feet. So, we said our goodbyes to Tom and Matt, and headed back for the tube.

Finley Quaye

Finley Quaye performing at the Brixton Jamm

All that remains to be said is what a great venue and a great night out!

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