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What Are Your Clutter Hotspots?

I wouldn’t exactly say that I’m the most tidy, or neat person you could ever meet. If the truth be known, up until fairly recently I thought I was just too busy to clean, clear or organise things. Don’t get me wrong, in the past I have done the odd bit of tidying and cleaning, but that was mostly when I absolutely had to.

What about you? Are you like me and you see tidying, cleaning and arranging as a chore? Or does the whole process of de-cluttering help you relax?

I first heard the term ‘space clearing’ about ten years ago, when I read a book called, ‘Sacred Space’ written by an American writer and teacher called Denise Linn. Space clearing is based on the ancient Chinese method of Feng Shui, which helps us to balance our homes and create happier, more successful lives, room by room. In the book Denise says, “By harmonizing and clarifying the energy in your home, you can open channels within your living space, so that your home is a collection point for energy.”

The Bagua Map

The Bagua Map

When I first read the book, I was excited by the idea that if we make certain changes in our homes, then this can help bring about changes in our lives outside the home too.

Have you ever heard about Feng Shui and space clearing? Is it something you have tried? Or is the concept something you’ve never heard about and one that makes you think “Oh yeah!”

Now, as you know, Paul and I are passionate about helping ourselves, and helping others to follow their passions, and live more fulfilled lives. In my mind, anything that helps with that is something that I’ll investigate and have a go at.

Over the years, I have had some fun with moving furniture around, with clearing the energy of a room, and with a bit of de-cluttering here and there.

A couple of friends have had a go too, and had some freaky results. My one friend, who I lived with for years, had a problem with getting into three-way-relationships. She would really like a guy, and start getting close to him. Then another guy would really like her, and want to get close to her. However, she couldn’t decide between the two of them… Subsequently, she didn’t end up getting close to anyone. It was a lose-lose situation for everyone.

Of course, she dealt with this by talking through it and by noticing that she seemed to get into the same situation every time she liked a guy. However, we decided to get creative, soo…We had a look around her flat and noticed that everything from her candle stick holders to her plugs sockets were all arranged in threes. We did a little experiment and changed the pattern, to make pairs instead.

Now, you may think what you like, but that was the first time that my friend got serious about one guy, and she ended up marrying him. I think that the ‘house experiment’ must have helped in some way.

Over the years, and very slowly, I have become a BIG fan of de-cluttering.

There are the practical advantages; like you know what you have, you know where it is and you have a clear, ordered space.

There are the mental advantages too. When you sort something out, you can stop thinking about it.

And of course, there are the Feng Shui advantages; which I have talked a bit about.

De-cluttering is a powerful tool and that is why I am making it the focus for this week.

Do you know where your clutter hotspots are?

Are you like me and you leave your filing until it piles up so high that you just have to do it?

What are your clothes drawers like? Do you know where everything is and is it working for you?

What about the kitchen? We have a Sunday roast and sometimes (most times…actually) I can’t be arsed to clean all of those roast pans, so I wake up to a cluttered, greasy pan kitchen on a Monday morning.

I would really urge you to give de-cluttering a go. Even if it’s in tiny bits; like filing 2 papers a night…Or putting a few of those pans in the dishwasher…or organising your sock drawer…

Be aware of how you feel as you are de-cluttering, and also, of the practical, subtle and not-so-subtle effects of your de-cluttering.

Here’s to a week of clearing space for all of the things we want in our life!

Have a good one:-)

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