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Introducing the musicians – Dream On Day 4

Paul and I have a big passion for music and a deep respect for the people who make the music happen. Since starting Dream On, we have met some awesomely talented musicians, and we are honoured to share their journey with them. Having live music at the Dream On Day is something that makes the Dream On Days extra special, and everyone loves it. Music is one thing that reaches across boundaries and brings people together.

When we decided to hold our fourth Dream On Day at the beginning of September, it never occurred to us that it was festival time, and that the music line up would prove a little more difficult than before.

However, the musicians who graced the day were totally brilliant. We have to thank Insomnia Music for their help with the music line up!

Paul shot videos of each of the performances, and he is in the process of editing them as I write. Once he finishes them they will be on our YouTube channel, which I will list at the end of this blog. You can check out all of the Dream On Day performances there, and a few others too!

So, without further ado let me introduce you to the musicians:


dream on day sept 2013  (121)

Chloe is a young singer/songwriter from the small town of Ware in Hertfordshire.

She has been singing and playing for some while now, and over the last few years she has been performing her own style of acoustic music in and around London, playing at some of the capital’s most prestigious venues.

Inspired and influenced by many and with a love and passion for all music, Chloe continues to hone her craft and is currently studying at The Institute of Contemporary Music in West London.

To find out more about Chloe:

Chloe paid us the highest compliment and brought her family with her to join the fun and support her while she performed. It was great to meet her Mom and Dad. When you listen to Chloe’s music, I’m sure you’ll all agree that she is an incredible young talent. Watch this space!

dream on day sept 2013  (130)



dream on day sept 2013  (159)

Blending the very best of the North, South and Belgium, BoweyWhite are a Rock ‘N’ Roll quartet with a combined passion and vision to dominate the world and beyond!

With Bowey lead singer, rhythm guitarist and enigmatic blonde. Drum master J the thumping rhythm demon on percussion, Jason the ace on the Bass and the Whiteman; electrifying lead guitarist.

To find out more about BoweyWhite:

BoweyWhite bought an amazing talent and energy to the Dream On Day. They stayed on after their performance and hung out with everyone, which was really nice. After the day, they said that they had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the experience. Thanks guys, we loved having you with us!

dream on day sept 2013  (142)



Tom Dibb Image

We first met Tom when he was busking on Chiswick High Road.  He was so good we stopped to listen, and bought his EP ‘Boy From Slough’

You may find Tom busking around the country, travelling in his trusty (although not always reliable) camper van Pickles.

If you want to find out a bit more about Tom Dibb, we wrote a blog introducing him before the Dream On Day:

For all things Tom Dibb, here is his cool website:

Not only did Tom wow the crowd with his music at the Dream On Day, but he hung around after his performance and shared the day with us. Thanks Tom. You’re a legend!



                MEET RED ROSE EMPIRE

IMG_3314 (640x427)

Paul, Rick and Paul are Red Rose Empire.  We first met them at Oxjam 2012 in Chiswick, their energy and enthusiasm was so infectious we asked for a CD, and the rest as they is history.

Find out more about them from the interview we did on the blog

To find out more about Red Rose Empire:

We are privileged that Paul Claxton and the guys have set up the sound stage for us on each of our Dream On Days. This is a very specialised job and makes all the difference to those performing and also to those listening. Thanks guys! We so appreciate your time and generosity!



 If you would like to check out our YouTube channel, you will get a flavour for the Dream On Days and also get to know some of the amazing musical talent that we are following.

To check out our youtube channel:

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