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Do You Keep Your Emotions Bottled Up Inside You?

So, do you keep your emotions bottled up inside of you? Do you always say “I’m fine!” when you are not…

I used to be like that, and no one really knew what I was feeling, not even me.

Repressed emotions act like a pressure cooker and get released in the worst way, and generally at innocent bystanders who happen to be there at the time.

It’s best to release the pressure in little bursts, but not with anger.

My way seems to be a good cry, which sometimes happens at the most odd moments. An example is when I was in a hotel lobby in Brussels with close friends. There were a lot of emotions I was holding in, and a few kind words were enough to trigger what can only be described as a wail! It was highly embarrassing, but I felt damn good afterwards (I am trying to learn to control the locations of my wails, so they are less public!)

So, my advice to you is:

1. Don’t lock your emotions away for too long,

2. Don’t release them with anger,

3. Take care who you release them too and in what way,

4. Be brave. It could be the actions of someone you know that is upsetting you, but you don’t feel that you can say anything for fear of upsetting them. Talk it through with that person. If they truly care about you, you will work it out,

4. Have a good cry. That goes for you guys too!

Sometimes, it’s easy to believe that you’re the only one with issues, but that’s not true. Everyone has emotions, so don’t be embarrassed about feelings like sadness. Just because someone else looks to have that perfect life, it doesn’t mean that they do!

My theory is that when you release the negatives, you make space for positive things to come into your life. It’s like clearing out your wardrobe, you keep what you like, and what you enjoy wearing, and you throw away what doesn’t work.

Good luck with the clearing!

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