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Introducing the Wellness Spa – Dream On Day 4

We also introduced the Wellness Spa on the Dream On Day. Our intention was to promote the therapists and healthcare professionals taking part in the day.  However, we also wanted to help educate people about how they can better look after their health. The Wellness spa gave the community and the public the opportunity to connect with and talk to healthcare professionals, who could both educate and advise them on various areas of their health and well-being. All of the people involved in the Spa gave generously of their time and expertise.

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Let me introduce you to the lovely ladies who took part in the Wellness Spa:


Dorothy McNeill

Dorothy is a fully qualified reflexologist and is a registered member of The Association of Reflexologists, with a special interest in providing reflexology for women who are pregnant or trying to conceive.

She offers mobile appointments in the Chiswick area, or you can see her at her Chiswick based treatment room.  

So how did Dorothy find her first Dream On Day?

It was lovely to meet local practitioners and small business owners and connect with so many lovely people. So thank you so much for organising it all and inviting me to take part.”

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Prabha Shiyani is a Certified Wellness Coach, nutrition expert, motivational speaker, artist and cancer survivor. She understands firsthand the importance of health and living a balanced lifestyle.

Diagnosed with mouth cancer in 2006 at the age of 31, Prabha has spent the last 5 years researching and learning about health, wellness and disease prevention.

We met Prabha through Helen Roberts of StartUp Britain.

So, what did Prabha think of her first Dream On Day?

Since I first told Prabha about the idea behind Dream On and about the community, she has been super excited and super supportive. She told me how much she enjoyed meeting everyone at the day. That’s what it’s all about!

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Dawn Adrienne Taylor

Dawn has studied food and nutrition for over 30 years, qualified at the College of Natural Nutrition, gives health talks, writes articles and also gives raw, living food advice and private demonstrations.

She has practised yoga for over 30 years, Tibetan Rites, EFT, Rebirthing, Metamorphic Technique, Hypnotherapy and other energy medicine balancing techniques and is a Reiki Teacher, Intuitive and Practitioner.

The premise of her work is that energy (mind) and matter (body) are interdependent.   Harmony and health equate to energy flow in all areas of your life.  

So, how did Dawn find her second Dream On Day?

“I just want to offer my gratitude for the opportunity to share some aspects of my work and convey the most fundamentally important nutrient after oxygen and water:  75 plant minerals.   My profound appreciation to you both for all your efforts, and work in bringing together like-minded people and heart-centred business ethics.”

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Sasha Wallace

Sasha sees her role as a coach to act as a guide, a light-bearer, a rain-maker, a confidante, a challenger, a mirror, and even as a wizard with a magic wand!

Her clients receive uninterrupted space and time to examine their thought processes, explore their needs, voice their desires, and establish a routine in which goal-setting and action-planning becomes natural and enjoyable.

She feels that we are rarely afforded this specialised time to focus on ourselves which makes the coaching relationship unique, as compared with our relationships at work, in business, and at home.

So, how did Sasha find her second Dream On Day?

Sasha told me that it was really nice to be part of a community offering. She said how lovely it was to see some faces from the last Dream On Day ,and also to meet a whole lot of new people in the Wellness Spa.

dream on day sept 2013  (75)



Jeanine Josman

Jeanine came across yoga sixteen years ago while looking for an antidote to a stressful job.

The powerful flowing exercise, the linking of breath to movement and the focus of the poses helped her to be present in the moment. It had a profound effect on her. Of course – the fact she got a flat stomach probably had an even more profound effect!

So, what did Jeanine think about her first Dream On Day?

A huge thanks to you both.  You made it happen! and what a special day and a special bunch of people.



Kyla Williams

Kyla has a passion for food and science, and nutrition fascinates her.

An educational background in science and an MSc in Nutritional Medicine has allowed her to gain a deep understanding of the complexities of nutrition, including the biochemical processes involved with food, nutrients, lifestyle, drugs and body interactions.

Her goal in the clinic is to help you optimise your health while minimising unwanted symptoms.

So, what did Kyla think about her first experience of the Dream On Day?

She tweeted, Thanks @kim_harriSA and @PaulTonyHarris for a great #dreamonday yesterday! Met a lot of interesting therapists 🙂

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Jessica Hertlein

JH Bowen Therapy is a bespoke service that offers a multi disciplinary approach to improve your wellbeing from all angles and make changes last. These sessions integrate treatments, personalised Exercise, Nutritional advice and Lifestyle coaching where appropriate.

We met Jessica through Healthy Planet, and we were instantly impressed by her enthusiasm and her wealth of knowledge on alternative therapies and their benefits to healthy living.

So, what did Jessica think about her first experience of the Dream On Day?

“Hi Kim and Paul, Thank you for organising the dream on day. You guys are amazing and did a fantastic job!”

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Here are another few great comments from people who came and experienced the Wellness Spa for themselves:

Tracy Saunders told us, “At the recent Dream On Day, I was lucky enough to get to a have a reflexology treatment with Dorothy McNeill. What a lovely lady, she made me feel very relaxed and comfortable and I thoroughly enjoyed my much-needed treatment. I felt very relaxed and less stressed afterwards, and more balanced. It made me think about how important it is to deal with my stress levels and health. I only wish I lived closer to have treatments with her more often.”

Helia Zarbafi commented, “A truly enlightening, fun and fascinating day. Very well-arranged, and organised. I met so many lovely, knowledgeable people who were encouraging and engaging. The wellness spa is a great success!


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