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Introducing the Small Businesses – Dream On Day 4

Sorrel takes a moment away from her table to say hello to Paul


We have known Sorrel for years, and she is one of our closest friends.

Soz is a Mum now and has recently become an independent consultant for Arbonne, where she sells their range of skin care products, which are based on botanical principles, naturally enhancing your beauty and well-being.

For further information on the Arbonne product range contact Sorrel on

So how did she find her first Dream On Day?

Soz told us that she made a few contacts to further her new business, and had some great interest in the Arbonne products, so she was very happy with her first foray out into the Dream On world.

dream on day sept 2013  (10) dream on day sept 2013  (11)



dream on day sept 2013  (51)

Luxe Box London began life when founder, Lucy Heale, wanted a gift box that delivered something more, something stylish, thoughtful and filled with stunning, seldom-seen products.

More than a year of cherry picking, trend spotting and product testing later, the very first boxes were ready. Only the highest quality products made the cut – sourced purely in the UK, from companies that echo the Luxe Box London ethos.

So how did Lucy find her second Dream On Day?

Here’s what she said, “Thanks for having me at the Dream on Day. It was lovely to see everyone again.”

dream on day sept 2013  (43)

dream on day sept 2013  (45)



dream on day sept 2013  (52)

Chris started Flash Accounts six years ago, and has just taken on three new ‘Flashers’ to help him with his growing list of clients.

Flash Accounts provides an In-sourced finance function for small and medium-sized companies in the Marketing Communications industry.  Their extensive experience in this sector gives them the insight and knowledge to help drive their clients’ profitability.

So what did Chris think about his second Dream On Day?

At the end of the day, Chris spoke to me and said that he thinks we will find sponsorship for the full days in the future. Thanks Chris for your vote of confidence!

dream on day sept 2013  (58)



Theo New Pic

We first met Theo when he was working in DADA, a record shop on Chiswick High Road. Theo is writing children’s books, including ‘Frank the Particular Pig’ and ‘Spencer the Spider’

So what did Theo think about his second Dream On Day?

“Hi Paul and Kim. Really enjoyed Saturday! Was lots of fun as always. So glad it was a success and lots of positivity flowing.”





What started off as a college assignment by Anna-Christina has developed into this fun new project, which then became Busy Bees Publishing in 2012 along with Adie Hardy.

Whilst working on their first audio story ‘March of The Ants’, they searched online for other audio stories similar to theirs, yet could find nobody combining original classical music with original children’s stories and sound effects.

They decided to invent their own genre and call their creations “Music Audio Stories”.

So how did Anna-Christina and Adie find their first Dream On Day?

This is what they had to say on facebook, thanks guys! “We had fun yesterday at the Dream On Day!Well done to Masters & Harris for putting on such a great event!”

Music Audio Books



I Made it Myself Ladies

We met Sangeeta and Laura at a Jazz evening at the Crown & Anchor. They really show what is possible, juggling their own business with being full-time mums. They offer a wide range of on trend, contemporary craft workshops and classes which change seasonally.

Laura and Sangeeta are always on the lookout for the next new thing and only run classes that they would want to do themselves.  As well as their regular Sunday sessions in Chiswick, they host creative private parties and corporate and members club events in and around London.

I have been to their first Manicure Masterclass which they will be offering next year, and to a chocolate making class which was fabulous.

So what did Laura and Sangeeta think of their second Dream On Day?

Unfortunately Sangeeta was unable to join us on the day, however, Laura came along and set up a very beautiful table. She paid us the ultimate compliment by bringing her family to share the day with us. Her children absolutely loved the music. Thank you Laura for sharing the Dream On Day with your family. That’s what it’s all about!

dream on day sept 2013  (67)




Shaylesh and his wife Preeti founded Healthy Planet in October 2007.

At Healthy Planet they think that changing things for the better should be easy to do. They champion grassroots and green causes that promote healthy living, they keep unused buildings alive, encourage community co-operation and believe in reusing and recycling.

Quite often their projects do all of those things at the same time, allowing greater community participation and connection.

So how did Camen and Bradley find their second Dream On Day?

“Healthy Planet is proud to participate in Dream On Day to share stories, ideas, inspirations and aspirations with other groups and individuals in the local community. Because of the sheer dedication and hard work Kim and Paul put into organising this fantastic event, we had the opportunity to make meaningful connections with some amazing artists, musicians, health professionals and others who taught us the value of being an engaged member of our community. Healthy Planet believes that a community is greater than the individuals within it and that even small actions, together can make a big difference towards the health and well-being of individuals and the planet. Thank you Paul and Kim for being the change you want to see! “ Camen Gupta (Healthy Planet)



Anshul works in property full-time but in his free time he is an amateur photographer, however we feel his photographs are anything but amateur.

He captures images of his amazing, and varied travels, and more recently, his fascination with architecture.

Most of the photo’s of the Dream On Day were taken by Anshul, and we’re sure you’ll agree, he brings something special and unique to whatever he captures on his camera.

So what did Anshul think about his first Dream On Day?

“I had a brilliant day, thank you to you and Kim for having me.”

dream on day sept 2013  (25)

dream on day sept 2013  (18)

dream on day sept 2013  (60)




We set up Masters & Harris around our passions of writing, books and making a difference. Dream On is where we provide a platform for people to find and follow their dreams. Our Dream On Days are about three things – inspiration, fun and community.

On the Dream On Day we had our Masters & Harris table at the entrance to the pub and that is where we were able to welcome everyone (from the small businesses, musicians and healthcare therapists to the casual passersby) into the pub.

Our table held a combination of things from paperbacks, to first editions, to the angel cards, the post it corner and finally to Paul’s novel, Rotten Apples. Our table and the Dream On Day represents everything we are all about and everything we are passionate about.

dream on day sept 2013  (21)

dream on day sept 2013  (95)

To meet the lovely ladies who took part in the Wellness Spa, click here:

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