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Dream On Day 4 – 7th September 2013

At the beginning of June we started to plan for our next Dream On Day, which was set for Saturday 7th September. Our third Dream On Day had taken over five months to plan, but this time we gave ourselves just three months. We wanted it to be bigger, better and more fun.

We invited more small businesses, new bands, and we introduced a wellness spa into the equation. We also invited a handful of super inspiring people to share the day with us and we were ecstatic when most of them said they would come along. We also got the courage to approach some potential sponsors for the day, and ended up with two!

Eight small businesses, seven health practitioners, and four bands took part; a total of thirty one people were involved. We had around sixty people who came in to see what was happening and look around. Some stayed to wander around, hang out, and enjoy the music. There was a great mix of stall holders, families, friends and the general public. The morning was a lot busier than last time, and the afternoon a bit quieter.  It was a lovely day; where people connected, were inspired, and had lots of fun.

However, we didn’t do it alone. We worked together with so many people, who helped us bring our idea to fruition, make it happen and make it a success.

Without the small businesses, the healthcare practitioners, and the bands there would be no Dream On Day! Thanks to everyone involved!

Let me mention our sponsors here; Convivial Pubs and Insomnia Music, and thank them for all of their help in the build up to the day. This was something new for us, but which added another dimension to the event.

Convivial London Pubs        Insomnia Music Group

Thanks also to Convivial Pubs for allowing us to use the Crown & Anchor in Chiswick as a base for the day, and of course to Beth (the pub manager) and her team for all of their support and help.

dream on day sept 2013  (14)

Once again, Paul Claxton of Red Rose Empire was in the pub first thing, setting up all of the sound for the musicians. Paul’s help makes the music side of things easy for us and for the other musicians. Much appreciated Paul.

dream on day sept 2013  (19)The lovely Helia came along at 9am to help with the set up. Without her help, we definitely wouldn’t have had such an organised start.

dream on day sept 2013  (20)

Once again we were privileged to have a fantastic photographer on hand during the day to record the story. Thanks so much to Anshul Raja for his photos!

Mary Macleod (our local MP), Helen Roberts (the Richmond StartUp Britain Champion), and Shaylesh Patel (the founder of Healthy Planet) all took time out of their incredibly busy schedules to come along and share the day with us. This added an extra dash of excitement to the day.

dream on day sept 2013  (103)

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you at our next Dream On Day in 2014.

To meet the Small Businesses who took part, click here:

To meet the lovely ladies who were part of the Wellness Spa, click here:

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