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Introducing Tom Dibb

We would like to introduce you to a very special talent, Tom Dibb.

As you may be aware from previous posts, we first came across Tom a few months ago when we saw him busking on Chiswick High Road.  He was so good we stopped in our tracks, listened, and then walked away with his CD ‘Boy From Slough’.

As the title of that EP suggests Tom is originally from Slough.  Growing up, he spent a lot of his time hanging around the College Fields around Eaton, which provided him with a quiet place to reflect and write.

At 19 Tom moved to London and enrolled at the Arts & Educational College in West London.  During this time he hit the London tour circuit playing bars and acoustic nights around the city.  For money, he worked in a phone shop where he saved enough to buy a campervan, Pickle, who we will introduce you to later.

tom dibb live

During this time Tom amassed a wealth of material, and entered the Insomnia Music Studios in Hertfordshire, where he recorded his first single ‘Rooftops’.  Further recordings followed where he got to work with leading music engineer Tony Platt, and top producer Graham Pleeth.

In September 2011, Tom released his first EP through Insomnia Records, ‘Repeat What I See’.

Joined by Josh Roberts (percussion) and Hugh Richardson (Bass), Tom set off on a campervan tour of Caffe Nero’s and regional festivals.  In 2012 the guys were joined by second guitarist Adam Bourne and they spent most of their time gigging and writing new material.

The summer months were a perfect time for Tom to escape the city, and with Pickles, he toured the south coast.

February 2013 saw Tom release his second EP ‘Boy From Slough’ which was closely followed by ‘Lost’ which was launched in July, and where we got to meet him for the first time.

Tom Dibb Pic

Tom’s music ranges from beautiful heartfelt ballads (Lost, Whale Song), to more upbeat tracks (Waychange).  As you listen you get to see what has influenced Tom Dibb, the man and his music.  His writing comes from his life, his relationships, where he has been and people he has met.  Musically you can really hear the influence of Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and John Butler Trio, to name but a few.

When meeting Tom and having a brief chat with him before he went on stage at The Troubadour in July, we were introduced to a humble, extremely likable character, who puts you at ease straight away.  This also comes across in his performance, you just enjoy watching and listening to him.  He makes you feel all sorts of emotions in a short space of time, from joy to sorry to hope; all rounded off with a ‘Thank you kindly’.  Here’s the blog we wrote on that night.

As we mentioned, Pickles (the VW campervan) is a massive part of Tom’s life.  She is his home, his kitchen and when on tour his stage.


You feel a love hate relationship between the two of them, Pickles allows Tom the freedom to literally go after his dream, but then she seems to spend a lot of the time hitching rides on the back of AA trucks and peeing clutch fluid at the most inopportune times, rather than getting him to where he really wants to be.  What Tom is doing is hard, and in his music you can see he has his ups and downs.

No doubt Tom has fun doing what he is doing, as will see from his YouTube videos and the blog which he writes.  You get to find out about his campervan culinary secrets and the challenges of getting a campervan into a studio.

Pickles the stage

Like ourselves and many people we are following and trying to support with Dream On, Tom shows that to follow your dream is not easy, and there are probably lots of times where he wonders ‘is it worth it?’ he is an amazing talent and we urge you to buy his EP’s and share his music with as many people who you can, so that he can fulfil his dream, and maybe even Pickles can get a new clutch.

We will be doing a full, in-depth interview with Tom soon, so you can find out more about the man, his music and that campervan.

In the meantime, he will be performing at our Dream On Day on Saturday 7th September at the Crown and Anchor in Chiswick.

Tom Dibb

Here’s a couple of videos we think you will love:

Waychange Live at The Troubadour

Whale Song Artist Sessions

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    • prosperok2012

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks so much for your comment and your wishes for Tom:-)

      He is good, and does deserve to succeed!

      Your visit is much appreciated.



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