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How your dreams can benefit your daily life

1. Dreams provide you with a positive vision for your future;

2. This does not mean that you spend your time, in your head, living in the future;

3. The challenge is to accept and engage with the present moment, while making choices that will lead you towards your preferred future;

4. So, therefore not only will your dreams provide you with a daily purpose and meaning, but they will inspire you to make more conscious choices;

5. Your vision will keep you going and keep you inspired through the days when you want to quit, or when things are just not working out, and when you are totally frazzled;

6. When seemingly insurmountable problems arise; your dreams will help you find a way through, around, or over those problems.   They will give you the determination to find a way;

7. Because your dreams are your cherished hopes, they  will be infused by passion; and this passion will spill over into everything you do;

8. At their core; dreams are all about hope; this sense of hope colours all of your interactions and relationships;

9. When you engage in life with a sense of hope and passion, this will influence every action and every interaction.

10. This will help empower you to transform your relationships, and the situations of your life;

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