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Great Live Music at The Troubadour London

Tom Dibb at The Troubadour

On Wednesday we set off from Chiswick, and made our way to Earl’s Court, our destination was The Troubadour for a night of live music.

The main reason for going was to see Tom Dibb perform.  We had seen Tom busking on Chiswick High Road a few weeks ago, his sound literally made us stop in our tracks, and we had to buy one of his EP’s; ‘Boy From Slough’ which we have had on repeat ever since.

On Wednesday Tom Dibb was launching his new EP ‘Lost’.  As we had never seen him perform live, we knew we had to go.

So there we were, on the tube, headed for Earl’s Court, very excited to say the least.  We always have a buzz when we go to these small gigs; while we may have one certain performer that we are going to see, there are others in the line up; what they will be like is anyone’s guess.

The Troubadour is located on the Old Brompton Road, there are a couple of parts to the place, but we were headed straight for The Club.  The description on their website is enough to get the juices flowing:

‘Downstairs is the Club where goliaths of the music world played in the 60s and 70s (think Bob Dylan and Paul Simon) when they were little supernovas in the making. The same can be said for today, we played host to Adele’s first gig and have recently seen Ed Sheeran and Amos Lee in our little cellar club.’

The club is dark and has a cosy feel to it, the stage is set up in the far corner of an L shaped room, with small round tables dotted around the place, each with a single rose and lit with red light; the room oozes intimacy and cool.

The first person we bumped into was Tom himself, now we always seem to get a bit ‘star struck’ when we meet performers we really enjoy, but Tom has a relaxed character which put us at ease immediately, and straight away we got talking about our next Dream On Day (did I tell you he has agreed to perform? No? well that’s a blog for another day) and finding out what he has been up to.

We were then introduced to Rick, from Insomnia Music, who represents Tom.  While Tom headed off to mingle, we had a chat with Rick.  One thing we love about doing Masters & Harris is meeting these amazing people.  As well as producing music, Rick is a drummer, and he told us about a huge music production studio, which is just up the road from where we live, who’d have known?

We took a small table at the back (we never feel comfortable sitting right up front, plus we love watching everyone’s reaction to the music) got some nibbles and drinks and then the music started.

First up were The Imprints, whose set was like nothing we had ever heard before.  The Imprints are from Melbourne in Australia, Willow Stahlut plays the violin, and does some amazing work with foot pedals and live recording and Linden Lester plays the drums.

For us, their sound crossed from aboriginal to Irish, at one point we felt like we could have been in a bar in Dublin.  The magic and mystery of their tracks start of steady while Willow builds a compilation of sounds, using the violin and an array of pedals and live recording equipment that maybe the more musically savvy of you will understand.  All we will say at this point is, check out their music for yourself.  Click on the image of Willow and Lester to find out more.

 The Imprints at The Troubadour

Next up was, for us, the headline act, Tom Dibb.  Straight away Tom’s smile wins you over, and a packed room were ready to hear him perform.  Now, if we had been switched on, we should have written down the names and order of the tracks he performed, but that’s not really us, we are more about how the music makes us feel and how the performer connects with us, the audience.

Tom is a story-teller, he guides you on a journey of his life through his song lyrics, and through the links to his songs, and you really feel that you are getting to know the man himself.

He opened with the title track of his new EP, ‘Lost’ which is a beautiful, heartfelt song, and then ups the tempo through to ‘Waychange’ and finished off with a Bob Marley cover.  In between, we found out that he left his job and is now touring the country in Pickles, his camper van (we heard that Tom is also a pretty good mechanic, which comes in handy as Pickles sounds a little temperamental) to follow his true passion, music.  He told us of his last performance at The Troubadour, and then a man he met in Shepherds bush that inspired another song, we think it was called ‘Old Man’.

Tom is a true gent giving a ‘Thank you kindly’ at the end of each song, but there is a cheeky, fun-loving side to him as well, which makes him so likeable.  The crowd groans when he says he is going to perform his last song, everyone wants to hear more, but he reminds us that there is more music to come; it is not all about him.  Click on the pic of Tom to go to his Website.

Tom Dibb at The Troubadour

After Tom, we were introduced to the energetic style of Oliver Pigott.  Oliver normally performs with his brother Sebastian; together they were finalists in the recent series of Canadian Idol.

We have to admit that we thought Oliver was going to burst a blood vessel; the energy and passion he put into his performance was staggering.

Oliver’s mix of blues, country and folk rock was brilliant; from fast paced numbers to slower ballads (which gave him a chance to sit down) he had us hooked.  Like Tom, he is a story-teller, and he takes you deep into the passion and depth of his songs.

His friendly, comedic style between songs made you like him even more.  I don’t know if it is the Canadian tones, but I had thoughts of Michael Bublé, and with his performing style, a bit of Elvis.

Here is the link to the Pigott Brother’s website so you can get to know them better.

Oliver Pigott at The Troubadour

All of the artists we saw that night had a couple of things in common; firstly they are all amazingly talented, and secondly they are living their dream, and that is what we are all about at Masters & Harris and Dream On.

As we were leaving, we met Tazz from Insomnia Music, who has helped arrange for Tom Dibb to play at our next Dream On Day in September.  Her bubbly energy shows that Tom is in good hands, we love meeting people who are enjoying their work.

We headed home with big smiles on our faces and some new CD’s to add to our collection of hidden talent, we urge you to check out their websites and follow them, give them your support and go and see them perform if you can.

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