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Where do dreams come from?

This is an interesting and important question; one worth thinking about. Your conclusion will affect how you see the role of dreams in your life.

  1. Are our dreams merely thoughts about what we would like in our life?
  2. Do our dreams arise out of the situations and circumstances of our lives, from the frustrations and feelings of lack? For instance, we hate our jobs and therefore, we dream of finding a career, or a vocation which fulfils us. We are in a relationship with someone who does not treat us right, and therefore we dream of finding a partner, who does love and nurture us.
  3. Are our dreams our soul’s way of communicating a deep innate potential?

I believe that dreams are our soul’s way of whispering to us everything we could be.

The eminent Swiss psychotherapist and psychiatrist, Carl Jung, “was convinced that life had a spiritual purpose. Our main task, he believed, was to discover and fulfill our deep innate potential. Jung believed that this journey of transformation, which he called individuation, is at the mystical heart of all religions. It is a journey to meet the self and at the same time to meet the Divine.”

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