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What exactly are dreams?

As you know this blog is called Dream On; our aim is to provide you with news, community and expert views to support you in your quest to change your life, fulfil your dreams and be the best you can be

I thought it would be appropriate (and useful) to investigate the importance of dreams in our lives.

We are bombarded by talk of dreams in the media, and on the blogs, so much so, that the word ‘dream’ can become almost meaningless.

The concept of ‘a dream’ now has as many negative, as positive connotations and it’s difficult to know what to think about dreams, and what they mean to us (if anything.)

So, why don’t we start with the basics then.

A Dream is:

something good that you hope you will have or achieve in the future (The Macmillan Dictionary)


A cherished hope (The Collins online Dictionary)

My favourite dream definition comes from Patty O’Sullivan (of Envision Your Future); she says:

Dreams are imaginings of what we can make happen in our lives.


We often hear about the BIG dreams that people have for themselves, and so it can be easy to think that these big, long term dreams are what ‘having a dream’ is all about.

However, this is not true; dreams come in many shapes and sizes.

Of course, there are those BIG long term ones, like “I want to be a Novelist” or “I would like to be a Doctor” or “I would like to marry my Mr Right” or “I would like to own my own house” to name but a few…

But, there are also those medium sized, medium term dreams, like “I would like to save up this year and go to America on holiday” or “I would like to start running so that in six months time I can run in a local race” or “I would like to take a year’s course so that I can gain expertise on nutrition.”

And, easily overlooked, are those little dreams, the short-term ones like, “I would like to have some more me time” or “I would like to speak to my family more often” or “I would like to cook more during the week”

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