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The Prosperity Goddess and the Miracle

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Just over a year ago we created our company, Masters and Harris ( We created it around our passions of writing, books and making a difference.

The writing part of Masters and Harris focuses on novel-writing; our own and those of others. Paul has written his first novel, Rotten Apples and is currently editing the first draft of his second novel. We hope to inspire other aspiring novelists to start and publish their own novels.

With Masters and Harris Books we sell mainly first editions online, through Abe Books.

The making a difference part of Masters and Harris is called Dream On. It started out life as a blog, just over a year ago, and has evolved from there. You can read more about Dream On here:

As you can see, Paul and I are on this epic journey. Every day we take another small step in the direction of our dreams and passions.

I have been blogging about our progress, week by week.

This picture is courtesy of skykpaar.blogspot.coluk

This picture is courtesy of skykpaar.blogspot.coluk

My hope is to give you guys hard evidence that there is another way. That it is possible to find, follow and fulfil your dreams and passions.

Although, I have to admit, things don’t always work out the way you think they will…

A good example is the Metro blog. When the Metro asked me to blog for them over the Olympics, I almost said, ‘No!’ Afterall, I didn’t know anything about the Olympics and Olympians. Thank Goodness for Paul, who reminded me that I like talking to inspiring people. So, instead, I said, ‘YES!’

Saying, ‘YES!’ is a whole lesson in itself…

This for me, is our first bit of hard evidence. When you follow your dreams, doors open. Doors open into opportunities that you never knew existed. That you could never have imagined for yourself.

This opportunity led me to meet and speak to many inspirational Olympians and Paralympians. These are relationships that we want to build and sustain. We want to keep following these athletes on their sporting journey towards their dreams

After the Olympics, the Metro asked me to keep blogging for them, but this time, on any topic. This opened up a whole world to us. Our aim is to help promote our community. To help them get their dreams out into the real world. Through the Metro blog we are able to do this in a bigger and more credible way than before.

There is a big BUT here. To-date, we have not made much money from our business.

How can we show the way when we are not earning a living from following our dreams and passions? Good question.

This picture is courtesy of

This picture is courtesy of

We both know how to make a living  as employees. Also, I made some really good money when I was self-employed, working as Masters Bookkeeping Services, (

However, building confidence, creating credibility, finding your market and monetizing your dreams and passionsthese are things that neither of us has ever done before.

We are learning though, as fast as we can.

last year, I discovered a wonderful lady called Marisa Nakhi, who calls herself a Prosperity Goddess ( )


On her website it says: ‘Marisa Nakhi is the Prosperity Goddess™, and she supports entrepreneurs and professionals in changing their inner relationship with money to create outer financial success in alignment with their values and purpose in order to create sustainable wealth.’

The first time I listened to a free webinar from Marisa called, ‘Money making secrets that your Mom never taught you’ I was blown away at how Marisa combines practical money sense with spiritual money sense. I wrote about the experience last year ( )

Since then, I have learnt a lot from Marisa about prosperity and transforming your financial life. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

She breaks everything down into simple principles and understandable concepts. She teaches you how to implement and act on everything you learn.

Marisa truly is a prosperity goddess, and I am grateful to have found her and her work.

So, this is where things get really exciting!!!

I have been implementing what Marisa has taught me. This includes taking both financial and spiritual action.  I have been determined to make progress with our prosperity and our finances.

One of the things I have been doing, is praying for help with our business. Marisa talks about the power of prayer.

Last week, my prayers were answered… I am still in shock, because praying is something new for me!

This picture is courtesy of

This picture is courtesy of

This is what happened.

Our local MP, Mary Macleod, held an event for Women entrepreneurs in Chiswick.  Normally, I would not have gone along. However, because I’ve been asking for help, I decided to ‘turn up’ when help was offered.

I didn’t quite go about it the right way either. I only phoned to confirm my place  the day before. I didn’t get a call back confirming my rsvp, but decided to go along anyway.

Two hours into the ‘Entrepreneurial Women: Taking the Start-Up Challenge’ event, I couldn’t believe my luck. The information, inspiration and support were all there, right in front of me.

But that’s not the miracle, I’m talking about.

I met a lady at the event; a lady who is a top entrepreneur, she is working at top levels to help entrepreneurs – and that’s not all – she is the most humble, nice, generous person you could ever meet.

We connected at the event. When I went over to speak to her afterwards, she suggested meeting up for a coffee.

We met up last week Tuesday.  I had no expectations of the meeting. She’s a great person, and I knew that I would be lucky to get to know her better. But there was none of that.

Within minutes, she was asking about me and Paul, about Masters and Harris about Dream On. 

For two hours, we brainstormed about the business – about our vision, about our target market, and about how we can monetize the business.

British Currency

But that’s not the miracle either.

The miracle was this lady herself.

As I was sitting there, I realised that she has done it. She is living proof that it is possible; that anything is possible. She showed me in the most powerful way, that you can reach for a dream and achieve it.

I now know in my heart and in my soul that what we are aiming for IS possible. It is just a matter of time before we get there.

AND, if we can do it, then so can you.

3 Responses to “The Prosperity Goddess and the Miracle”

    • prosperok2012

      Hi Sasha,

      Thanks so much for visiting:-) and for your comment. That’s really nice:-) Thank you! That’s so true. It’s so weird because I’m doing that at the moment and life is giving me such treasure. You are part of that treasure. So glad we met you!

  1. paul

    It’s Paul, husband here again. Masters & Harris has been a dream come true for us. Yes money is an issue (hence why I work full-time) but we believe that the money will come. Despite what one may think, it does not happen overnight, not if you want to create something long lasting, and that really makes a difference. It is about firm beliefs and foundations, and that is what we have been working on the past few years. It has been a journey of discovery, it is a journey that will continue. Thank you to all who have joined us on that journey so far.


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