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The Carnabys EP launch rocks Bush Hall

the carnabys presented at bush hall

On Friday 11th January we went to Bush Hall to see the Carnabys perform for their EP launch. We joined a hall full of people to welcome the Carnabys music into the world. What’s great about the Carnabys is that their audience is not just limited to one age group. There were teenager rockers, middle-aged rockers and golden oldie rockers. What I respect about the guys is that their parents and grandparents always support them.

Paul and I were keeping a close eye on the Carnabys Facebook page ( ) as the launch approached. We had our fingers crossed that the gig would sell out. I’m chuffed to tell you that the gig could have sold out twice! The guys had two great supporting bands; Jungle Doctors and Dorey the Wise, which I’m sure that also helped generate love for the launch.

Nevertheless – a sell out – what does that say to you about people lovin’ the Carnabys? Well, to be honest, Paul and I love them. They are really nice, decent guys. But, what really makes us love them is their music.

the carnabys at bush hall

As soon as we got home from the launch, which was about 12pm, we put on the new EP. With the first few beats, you are introduced to a sound that is so unique and gives you goose bumps. This is fresh, home-grown music.

When I interviewed the guys last year ( they made it clear how important their music is to them:

Jack, “I’d like to make popular music something that is recognised as good music; well written, written by proper musicians.”

Alex, “We want to write interesting music; to do something different and be something different.”

Ben, “We want it to be about the music, rather than about business.”

Well, after hearing the new EP, I have to say that with the Carnabys; it is all about the music.

I remember the first recorded demo (cd) we bought from the Carnabys. It was after hearing them perform at the Bedford Park festival. It had three songs on it;

1. Forgive Me When I Shout,
2. Down so Low,
3. Brenda The Contender

My husband and I couldn’t stop playing the three tracks and that was back in June 2012.  In the interview, when the boys were talking about riffs, lead tunes, chord sequences and drum and bass layering, I realised that I don’t know much about the technicalities of writing a song. That’s ok though, because, obviously they do.

So, let’s get back to the new EP. It’s called ‘The Carnabys’ and it has six tracks on it;
1. Wonder how you feel,
2. No way home,
3. Sharp Rose,
4. No way home (acoustic version),
5. I don’t mind (acoustic version),
6. Brenda the contender (Live from Taubertal Festival, Germany)

carnabys new ep cover

There are some great new songs; my favourite is ‘Sharp Rose’. That may also be because after the interview the boys played it for me which was – very rock and roll! My second favourite on the EP is ‘No way home’. Once again, my husband and I have been listening to the EP non-stop since the launch.

In the interview, I wanted to understand more about the Carnabys song writing process:

Alex, “Jack writes all of the vocals.”

Jack, “I do all of the vocals, and then Alex comes up with a riff, or a chord sequence.”

Alex, “Jack and I generally come up with the lead tune; which is chords and vocals and then the arrangement will depend on how we are all feeling, when we bring it to the rest of the band. We’ll come in and say, ‘This is what we’ve got,’ and then, James will say, ‘Why don’t you layer it like this?’ And then the lads will come up with technical changes, other riffs and a bass melody.”

Jamie, “Every song is different. One song, we literally, were sitting there one day, we were just playing and having a great time, and by the end of that rehearsal, we had this whole song. That was No way home.”

Ben, “A lot of the time, you’ll get something at home. You’ll be sitting there playing and think, ‘Oh I like that. I must remember that.’ And then we come here and say, ‘Guys, I’ve got this idea.’ I’ll play the riff, and if Alex has written the riff, then I’ll think of the chords. And then these guys work it out.”

Alex, “One of our recent songs, Mike just came up with this bass line that he had written and it was really melodic, and we all sort of clicked. He came in and showed it to us, and the first time we played it, it didn’t sound great, but the second time, we came back after a break, and it just worked.”

Jack, “Our writing process is so unstructured, but it works. We’ve tried to structure it before and it doesn’t work.”

All I know is that I enjoy listening to the Carnabys music. They make me feel inspired by music again.

I’m really excited for the Carnabys in 2013. With the launch of their first EP, they have started this year with a bang. Where will they end up? The sky is the limit.

Check out the Carnabys and their new EP at :

2 Responses to “The Carnabys EP launch rocks Bush Hall”

  1. paul

    These guys are great and I love the EP. As Kim said we have been playing it non stop (I’m the husband bit by the way). I have no idea either about the technicalities of song writing, but it sounds as though it is a case of when you love what you do, it comes naturally (ok raw tallent also helps, which The Carnabys have in abundance). As well as their sound and amazing musical skill, the guys are really likeable, and I think that is what sets them above the competition. I am very excited to see the guys grow this year, listen out for them on Radio London, plus they have a music video on the way.


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