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2013 New Year’s Dreams and Wishes

this is a great fun cartoon from photobucket that captures exactly what is great about bubblebaths

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013. It’s a new year, a clean slate, so to speak. What are your dreams and wishes for 2013? Dream On is here to support you and inspire you with those precious dreams and wishes.

How are you on the second day of this New Year?

2012 was such a big year for us all in the UK. It was also huge for Paul and myself. It feels a bit surreal to be out of 2012 and starting a new year.

How was 2012 for you? A good year? Or are you glad to see the back of 2012?

What were your hopes and dreams for 2012? Looking back how did it all go?

Last January, I wrote my first New Year’s blog ever. It’s quite interesting to read back and see where I was and what my hopes for 2012 were. I said that in 2012, I wanted more health and more inner peace.

So how did I do with that?

Well, on the health side, I put things in place to help make me more healthy. Consistently I was pretty good with drinking more water, eating better quality food and more greens (I have found that they seem to help my vision…) I went out walking most days and started with my weights routine, although that faltered on and off through the year. I talked about going for a run, but never did that. One for this year, me thinks.

I have more energy, more strength and more endurance which is great.

Inner peace was not so easy. I can be a big worrier. The worry is something I deal with day by day and I find, if I stay present in the here and now, then I don’t worry so much. One of the very wise bloggers I follow said, “The simple solution to worrying about the future is this: You need to understand that the future doesn’t exist.” (

I find that this works really well for me. I take life moment by moment. That makes the big scary bits of life so much easier.

2012 was a real roller-coaster ride with the ‘making a living’ part of our lives, but as I look back over the year, I see that Paul and I are closer now, to making our dreams come true than we have ever been. This gives me a stronger trust in life and in us. This also gives me a stronger internal platform for my inner peace.

So, what now?

Well, now we have a New Year to work with, another twelve months of unlimited potential stretching out ahead of us. That’s really cool.

This blog is not about your New Year’s resolutions and the list of things you ‘have’ to achieve this year. It’s about something deep down in the core of you; something that doesn’t always get a voice, or even a wisp of a belief.

This is your time and your space to think about your dreams and wishes for 2013 and for your life.

And, yes, I am talking about all your dreams and wishes, from the tiniest ‘realistic’ ones, to the HUGE ‘seemingly impossible’ ones.

Most of us never even give ourselves the time and space to voice those dreams and wishes that sit in our hearts.

And, why should we, you ask! What’s the point!

Well, last year taught me – that anything is possible. One email to the Metro newspaper led to a guest blogging spot over the Olympics. This led to interviews with amazing Olympians and Paralympians like Oscar Pistorius, Jonnie Peacock and Sunette Viljoen. Now I write my dream on blogs and interviews for the Metro. Who’d have thunk that…

There is no reason that you can’t achieve the dream in your heart. Now, I’m not saying that it’s easy or that it will happen overnight, or that you will succeed first off, but what I am saying, is that if you don’t start, you won’t go on the journey.

It’s the journey which will change your life and also change what you believe in for yourself and for your life.

Dreams and wishes are important.

  • They give you a focus and a direction (and even if you are not actively able to follow your dreams then while you are doing whatever it is that you are doing, you can hold them with  you and let them keep you on a course which is more true to your heart)
  • They give you an anchor (sometimes you have a difficult job, a difficult relationship, a difficult health patch, a difficult financial situation and your dream can be the thing you hold on to, which can help you keep going day by day)
  • They give you a sense of possibility. Do me a favour, for a minute imagine you have fulfilled your wish, your dream. Feel the sense of possibility. That feeling is powerful.
  • As you start with a dream, you make small changes to your life. This gives you confidence that your life can be different. Your little wishes and dreams can take on a life of their own and change your life in ways you never thought possible,
  • They change the way you think in your day and in your life. Take me for instance, if I swap worrying for ‘daydreaming’ or thinking about my hopes and wishes then instantly I am changing my thoughts to more positive ones. If I feel better, then I act differently, if I act differently I change my life. Voila – a different life.
  • Lastly, with thinking more positive thoughts comes more general relaxation and with more general relaxation comes better blood circulation, less adrenaline in the body, more good feeling hormones in the body, better blood supply to the muscles, less tension in your body. All good!

That’s my case for your New Year’s dreams and wishes.

 So, so what are they? Do you have any yet?

They can be tiny ones’, like giving yourself more time for one bubble bath a week. Speaking to a good friend more often. Doing ten minutes of exercise during the day. Or huge one’s like, “I want to be a writer.”

I’d really love to hear them, if they’re not too precious to share.

Here are mine…

o  I wish for more inner peace,

o  I wish for more health,

o  I dream of working from home and from earning a living from writing, teaching and helping people,

o  I wish for lots of time spent with my husband,

o  I wish to see my Mom and Dad this year (they live in South Africa),

o  I dream of having a family,

o  I wish to reach everyone in the world who needs help and support with my blog,

o  I wish for lots of bubble baths,

o  I wish for more fun in my life,

o  I dream of being a part of a loving and supportive community of people, who I can connect with, andshare my life with.

One of my dearest wishes and dreams is for you.

I wish that you give yourself time and space to uncover your dreams, that you make a start with one of them and that you allow your dream to lead you onwards towards a life which excites and fulfils you.

Dream Onxxx

2 Responses to “2013 New Year’s Dreams and Wishes”

  1. prosperok2012

    This is a comment from Linda Hewett who writes a great blog called Positive Spin (

    She wrote the comment on my eblogger blog, before I moved everthing over. It was such a great comment that I’m adding it here myself. Here it is:

    Hello Kim,

    I’m flattered that you mention Positive Spin in this post, and you refer to me as wise! Oh my goodness! Thanks for that! I’d often thought that it was foolish to have dreams, as they’re unrealistic and unachievable. But after reading this post I’ve changed my mind. When we allow ourselves to dream and just allow our minds to take us where it wants us to go, ideas fly into our heads. Your email to the Metro led you to fulfil a dream and to meet those amazing athletes. I was recently contacted by Woman and Home for a feature in their March edition (out in Feb). My dream, I realise, is to write for them, so I wil send them an email and see what happens! Thanks for a stimulating post

    • prosperok2012

      Hi Linda,

      I’m really honoured that you have commented on my post. Thank you! Yes, lots of people think as you do about dreams and it was only when I had my blood clots that I turned to my dreams and said to myself, “why not?” and “I have to have a go.”

      I’m really excited about the feature on you in Woman and Home!!

      Go for it on the writing for them side. I freelanced for a few magasines a few years back so it is definitely possible and with your writing and communication skills once you do it once, they will love you.



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