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Dream On Day 2 – No Electricity But Dream On Still Brings A Community Together

So Saturday the 24th (our second Dream On day) dawned, very wet and cold, but Paul and I were up and in the pub by 10:30am. We were determined to be set up and organised by the time everyone arrived at 1pm. My plan was to be so organised that there would be as little stress as possible.

Michelle and Jamie, our lovely new friends, arrived shortly after that. Michelle is a wonderful vegan cook and baker. She had offered to make Christmas biscuits and cookies to make the day extra special and christmassy. I loved the idea that this day could be the start of celebrating Christmas with friends and loved ones.

check out these amazing biscuits and cookies.

Tracy, Jason, Aimee and Corbin – who are our biggest supporters – arrived at 11am and they added lovely biscuits with star centres to the Christmas biscuit collection.

A HUGE thank you to Michelle and Jamie, and Tracy, Jason, Aimee and Corbin for baking wonderful Christmas goodies and helping us to set up the room so beautifully.

Support and help makes life so much easier and it makes you feel so loved.

We set out a table with clip boards for all of our community members. We have three new members; Ann Strong, Chris Lang owner of Flash Accounts and The Carnabys which we are very excited about. As you can see Christmas lights lit up the table and our Masters & Harris books were littered all about the table.

Gloria was with us again and she was collecting for Lifeblood, the Thrombosis Charity. What we are trying to do with every Dream On day is evolve and get better and more exciting with each one. So we typed our instructions for each of the areas and got them laminated in case we had lots and lots of people wandering around the room.

The Post-it corner evolved and we framed our existing post-its. The idea was for people to write their own post its and stick them to the glass and then we would add them to the collection. Alternatively people could write post-its just for themselves and take them home to stick them somewhere they would see them every day.

The Golden Lining Card table and the Angel Card table were set up with laminated instructions and Christmas decorations.

The pamper place evolution was the most exciting as I’d taken the brave step of going into the Body Shop to ask if they would give us a whole load of their sample pots. They said yes and so I bought some Wild Rose hand lotion, some Peppermint reviving leg gel and some Dreams Unlimited body butter and filled up 20 sample pots. Patrick the manager of the Body Shop also gave me invitations to invite Dream On members to a pamper evening in Chiswick Body shop full of hand massages and make overs. He also went as far as to say that next time he would send over two of his ladies to give us all hand massages. Wowee!!!

Then Aaron, who was going to be playing some of his music for us, turned up. He had his guitar and his amp and he started to set up for the gig. This was like Dream On heaven…

Wham, bam, that’s when the lights started to flicker, on, off, on, off. I have to admit I didn’t take much notice, until Aaron’s amp blew (which was really rotten!). That’s when I started to realise something was not right with the pub’s electrics.

When Beth came upstairs and said we all had to evacuate the pub because there was danger that there could be a gas explosion if there was a spark from all the plugs that were shorting, we all looked at her in disbelief. Then, there was a big bang from one of the corner plugs and some blue smoke rose from the plug. We couldn’t leave the pub fast enough.

This was now 12pm.

So we had this beautiful room set up with Christmas biscuits and Aaron going to play and suddenly, there was a huge curved ball and we had no room anymore.

Both Paul and I wanted to cry because it looked like our Dream On day was going down the plug hole.

I guess this is where you either give up, or you make a plan.

I have to say that Tracy was stoic at this point because I was ready to give up and she said ‘No, it’ll be all right’. Thank you Trac.

So, we moved to the back room of the Lamb (which is the sister pub of the Crown and Anchor and is just across the road).

Tracy, Jason and the kids settled down at one table, then Silvana arrived and shortly after that Sian and Adam. Every one had either driven or taken the train and had had long and wet journeys. I was so grateful that they came and joined us on our most random of Dream On days!

Aaron arrived back at the Lamb with his acoustic guitar and with his friend Arus. All credit to them that they stayed and joined in. It was wonderful to have them with us

That was when Victoria arrived, looking like she’d had a helluva journey to get to us. It was so lovely to see her and to have her as part of the day.

Lastly, Rob arrived with his kids Harry and Emily and I have to thank Rob for his support of us and our Dream On days.

This was when the kids took four chairs and set up paper and paper plane shops on their chairs. The adults were enchanted and each kid made a profit of about £1 or £2.

How genius are these kids??

My lovely hubby then went over to the other pub and retrieved the Christmas biscuits and the pamper samples and we had yummy biscuits and a pamper moment.

Most people stayed until about 6pm and in a way the events of the day seemed to bring everyone closer together.

Thank you so much to everyone who came and who made it into the special day that it turned out to be.

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan or expect them to, but if you go with the flow, sometimes in a weird way, they work out better…

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