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How does your past affect who you are today?

I wasn’t sure until I got up this morning what I was going to write about today. I have learnt not to plan to far ahead with the blog, and to write about whatever it is that feels most important at that moment.

I guess it’s called being in the moment, instead of being in my head.

I was going to write about gratitude and how it’s really changing the way I think and behave in my life, but what is really on my mind today is how the past affects who we are today and what we believe and how we act.

I think this in part comes because I am in the process of clearing out some of my ‘past’ skeletons that have been hanging around in my mind and in my emotions for too long now.

It is also because I am married now, and also quite a few of my friends have their own families now, and in being part of their lives, I have become aware of how as parents we do the best we can sometimes under deeply pressurised circumstances.

What if each of us grew up and went through our lives believing that we lived in a friendly universe and that our parents, our friends, our partners, and the whole rest of the world accepted us for who we were (warts and all) and really and truly wanted the best for us.

If we felt totally safe and secure in our world, accepted and valued for who we were,

how would our lives be different now?

OK, so for most of us, this doesn’t happen, and it’s purely because our parents, our friends, our partners were doing the best they could under the complex circumstances of their lives. And, face it, some of them (we feel) could have done a little better. But some of them did do better.

We have all been affected by the relationships with our families, with our friends, with our boyfriends and with everyone who we have come into contact with.

We all have a past.

I believe though that there in front of us, we all have an unlimited future.

What about that. An unlimited future.

What do you think about that?

Sometimes we do need to unravel the beliefs, the hurts, the reactions that we have all accumulated along the way, leaving clear space for new things to come to us.

This can be a rather complex process or a flash of insight one day.

I had an apple crumble moment over the weekend – which was a complete flash of insight – but that is a story for another blog.

Our (long ago and recent) past affects us all in deep, profound ways, but I do believe that there is life beyond our past (whatever that may have been).

Just beyond our past is a whole world of possibilities.

Who do you want to be?

What if you let go of your past and said ‘YES’ to yourself?

How would that change your life today.

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