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What the Olympians and Paralympians said about following your dreams

With the Paralympics almost over, it seems right to have a little look back at what the Olympians and Paralympians (who I have interviewed) have said to us about following our dreams.

 I know for me the Olympians and Paralympians have taught me a lot about following my dreams and as we come to the end of the most wonderful Olympic and Paralympic games, I feel truly inspired and hopeful that anything is possible.

 Jessica Lloyd: The youngest member of the Olympian GB Swimming team 

“Never stop believing in yourself, not everyone always has a great start to their careers, but if you work hard and train hard, you’ll always have that chance of making it to the top, all you need is that chance.”

 Richard Brickell – Team GB Olympian Skeet Shooter


Have a dream, work out what needs to happen to make that dream come true and then work to make it happen. I would also suggest working with a good coach from the start!”

 Steven Gluckstein – Olympian Trampolinist for Team USA


 “two words: “WORK ETHIC”. I am where I am today because of it. I have natural born talent but that is not the reason why I am an Olympian. Since I was a boy my parents and my coach strictly enforced a strong work ethic and I am so thankful that it stuck. Regardless of the day, regardless of my status (sore, tired, hurt, sick, hungry, sad, etc), I always get in the gym and give 110%. If you can build this characteristic trait into who you are, you can accomplish ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. This is not something I simply believe but live by. Anything is possible with enough drive- if you can dream it you can do it!”

 Oscar Pistorius – Olympic and Paralympic Sprinter


“To stay positive and don’t take no for answer. If you believe in something you should go for it and live for your dreams.”

 Elena Allen – Team GB Olympian Skeet Shooter

 “It depends on what that dream is. But generally follow your dreams, providing you are willing to put time and effort in achieving them. Don’t expect to succeed after only a short time, you will most likely have knock backs but be positive and keep going.”

 Sunette Viljoen – Team SA Olympian Javelin Thrower


 You must have lots of guts, determination, never say die attitude, inner drive to be the best, passion, faith and belief.

The will must be stronger than the skill.”

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