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Our First Dream On Day – Saturday 25th August 2012

Saturday was our first Dream On day….ever.

Here’s the story of the day.

Paul took me out for breakfast first thing on Saturday morning; we were both excited and nervous and he knew that we needed a calm start to the day (and some good food).

We took the first things over at about 10:30am, and discovered that the undressed room looked awesome, if a bit bare, but that there were about 50 chairs dotted around the room. We knew that there would probably be about twenty people, so we tried to make the chairs blend into the room.

We were so lucky because Elan (who manages the pub) had allowed us to use the room for free and also arranged it in advance of us arriving.

My best friend Tracy, her lovely hubby and her two kids, Corbin and Aimee, arrived at 11am. I was running around like a headless chicken by this stage. Paul was nervous, but more calmly organising things for the day.

Tracy had brought some lunch and immediately took control of the practicalities (like eating) and she suggested we take lunch to the room, so they could all help with the setting up.

I have to say that their support was invaluable, and that they provided the first part of the community and of the talent.

A big thank you to them for being there and for all of their help and support on the day!!!

In theory, the Dream On day was about building community, about creating a fun and abundant space and about supporting and showcasing the talents and projects of the community members.


We set up a pamper place

A Golden Lining table and a Post-it corner

A floating book club

Gloria, (named by the lovely Caro) our charity collecting pig started out her life on the bar, and ended up on the round table in the middle of the room.

We also had tables on the left of the room for the 8 clipboards which held A4 sheets on them, with information on the community members who are on our website

The day was also about celebrating the fact that we set up Dream On exactly one year ago (so we put up balloons (thank you Jason) around the room), and also the fact that the Metro have asked me to continue blogging for them across the whole Metro on line website. I can write whatever I want…apparently…

Paul had set up up a Dream On play list on our Ipod of all of the bands we have been supporting and following this year and he got very busy setting up the ipod and getting the music going.

Then Caro, Tom and Genevieve arrived.

We all did a big ‘WOOP’ as Caro is the first ever person to set up a stall at a Dream On day and to be honest, without her, her family, her hand painted vases, her Angel Heart necklaces and her hanging hearts and name plaques, there would have been no Dream On day.

A big thanks here to her husband Tom who came along to support her and look after their, one year old daughter, Genevieve.

It took a bit of a while for the next person to arrive, and I have to admit to having a heart-sinking feeling that it was just going to be Paul and I, Tracy and her family, Caro and her family.

The next photo is me looking very funny indeed – think it might have all been a bit stressful

That’s when Theo walked in, and Rob P phoned to say that he was almost there with his whole family.

Hooray for Theo and Rob P!!!

Paul went out in the rain (and boy was it raining!) to go and meet Rob P and his family and show them in. They all came back looking a bit soaked.

A MASSIVE thank you to Rob and his family for coming and also to Theo for being such a great part of the day (Theo stayed until about 7pm which was awesome!!)

We all sighed a big sigh of relief and the party started.

I was so happy because this looked and felt like a real community.

Within no time, the two sets of kids were playing and by the end of the day, Rob’s son, Harry, had set up a paper plane stall and he was selling his paper planes for 20p. Impressive!

That’s when I started to get these texts from this unknown mobile number. Apparently they were on their way and just waiting for the rain to stop.

Then in walked Selina and I gave another ‘WOOP’. She was not expecting to make it but had specially made the journey. Thank you Selina!!

She also added some more glamour and sparkle to the day and was kind enough to chat to Luke (who was managing the pub while Elan was away.) about acting. Luke and the pub staff were brilliant and looked after us all so well during the day!

Now, this was the bit we were dreading…speaking in front of everyone….but they had all made such an effort to be there and be part of the day….We had to.

We thanked everyone, explained a bit of what dream on is all about and told everyone about the Metro. We also mentioned about the book club and about the music and the bands we are supporting, oh and a bit about Gloria (our spotty pig) who is collecting money for two charities (Lifeblood and the Lawrence Anthony Foundation.)

We didn’t know if Caro would sell anything, as it was our first experience of doing this and nobody really knew what to expect. We were thrilled when Caro sold a few of her necklaces (yes, one to me…) and a few of her wooden hearts!

Go Caro!!

Now we could all just relax, pamper, pick up books and have a good time.

Just as the families left, Sian and Adam arrived (they had driven all the way from Canterbury!!), so we took them on the tour around the room and the shape of the day changed again. They are both quite into music and it really gave us the chance to listen to the bands playing on the Ipod and have a good ole natter. It was really lovely to see them.

Theo left at about 7…ish.

Sian’s Mom, Silvana arrived and stayed until about 8…ish.

Then at about 9, it was just Paul and me with the room all to ourselves.

To be honest, we weren’t in a hurry to leave and had a few glasses of wine and listened to music and talked about the day.

Without Paul, there would be no Masters and Harris, definitely no Dream On and I probably would have combusted by now.  He is my rock, my playmate, my partner in everything.

So, it was quite fitting that we ended the day just the two of us, the way we had started all those hours before.

We both agreed that it had been a good day, and that we were really looking forward to the next one.

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