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Trenton and Free Radical at Notting Hill Arts Club – even better live!!!

So, off Paul and I went last night to the Notting Hill Arts Club to see Trenton and Free Radical perform live. I would certainly class us as Trenton groupies. We can be found doing various household chores humming, ‘tomorrow’s day, tomorrow’s day, tomorrow’s day’ And, also walking down the street singing, ‘Mr Mandela Your one hell of a fella I wana be like you I wana be like you.’ It’s fair to say, that we were both excited to see the guys perform live and also to meet the rest of the band. I used to work with Marco, but I hadn’t previously met Trenton, Thabo (who is over in London for the first time) or Sam (who was standing in for Andre as London drummer).

I have to admit at being thrilled to see Marco, when they walked in, and embarrassed to say that I gave out a little ‘yelp’ when I saw Trenton. I hope he didn’t hear. Marco, Trenton, Thabo and Sam are such cool guys. And I mean that in every sense of the word, personality and image. I was a little star struck by them all.

The Notting Hill Arts club reminds me of my student days. The quote from Elle Magazine on their website sums the club up perfectly.

“The NHAC has room for a small stage for  live bands, a few old battered sofas for lounging around and a dark enough dance  floor that’s perfect for forgetting all your inhibitions.” Elle  Magazine

It is very well run and, obviously, a haven for all sorts of musical talent, oh and us groupies…

Talent, excitement and cool hang in the air and you feel these things as soon as you walk down the stairs.

I guess Trenton and Free Radical must have walked on stage at about 10:30. Everything about the band – from the stage set up, the banners, the instruments – it all gives off such a professional image. It’s easy to see that the guys care about every little detail of the band and, I guess, that’s why it all  works so well.

Then they started to play…OMG!!! The guys rock big time and Trenton has the ability to hold a crowd, to engage them and draw them in – at one point, he jumped off the stage and had all of the audience crouching down and then jumping up; it was really fun.

Listening to the songs and the music live was so thrilling, so exhilarating, so intoxicating. The diversity of the music has you happy and bopping one minute, then sad and crying another, then fired up another – it’s got everything. Each song is powerful in its own right; both lyrically and musically.

This is music which makes a difference.

By the end of the set, Paul and I were shouting to each other that the venue was too small for these guys. It’s true, they are phenomenal! It’s not just because we like them that I am saying that, if you had seen all of the audience on their feet jumping around by the end, you would be saying the same.

Sooo…if you have listened to either Tomorrow’s Day or Mr Mandela on you tube (or bought it on itunes) and you have found yourself humming one or other of the tunes as you walk down the road (or do the ironing…) then you HAVE to see Trenton and Free Radical perform live!!!

But if haven’t yet had the pleasure, do yourself a favour, check them out:

Mr Mandela

Tomorrrow’s Day

Thanks to Trenton and Free Radical for a great night out.

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