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Reach for the stars – Go for Gold

You know after writing last week about the process and challenges of the Metro Olympic blog so far, I realised that I’ve done OK.

I guess that in some ways I look forward to things I want to do, instead of looking back awhile, and saying to myself, ‘wow, that was alright.’

But I did, and I said to myself, ‘ok, that was cool. I wonder if???’

I felt a bit of confidence that perhaps if I had been able to get this far, well, perhaps I could carry on going…

What if I could interview an Olympic icon?

I did realise that going for something like this was such a long shot and that even if the Media person said, ‘yes’ that didn’t necessarily mean I would get an interview. Even if the Olympian said ‘yes’ that didn’t automatically mean that my interview answers would come back.

And there he was, right in front of me, in huge headlines on the Metro website – ‘Oscar Pistorius’

I knew that he was a mega-inspiring South African double Amputee Paralympian who was fighting to be allowed to compete in the Olympics. He wanted to run against able-bodied men, compete at the highest level, against the best of the best.

Then on Wednesday last week, I saw that Dave Gurney (the Metro Sports Editor) had retweeted one of Oscar Pistorius’s tweets,

Thank you to everyone who has made me the athlete I am! God, family, my competitors and supporters. You have all had a hand.’

I realised that he had done it – here was a man who was one of the best Paralympians alive, who had fought and won to compete in the Olympics.

What better inspiration for Dream On than him?

So on Thursday I emailed his Media lady, Kate and said that I realised that he was probably the most sought-after Olympian in SA at the moment but that as my dream was to make a difference with my writing, I just wanted to ask….

Never in a million years thought she would email me back.

So on Friday morning when her email popped up, saying that he would only be able to do an email interview, I nearly fainted.

There I was typing up the questions as quickly as I could and after sending them through, praying that I would get some answers in return.

As I said to her, this would be a dream come true for me.

The weekend was a roller coaster of emotions. Even asking the question brought up my own doubts about whether I deserved to get this.

Who the hell was I and why would he spend the time giving me an interview when he was named by time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of our time???

Well, why would he?

I diverge now to something that my friend and healer, Rebecca Young said to me about intention and attention being really valuable tools.

Her words really hit home and I realised how much I focus on fear, on not having enough money, on not being well enough. I also realised that if I was really intent of changing my life for the better then my attention and intention were key in making the change.

So then, what does this have to do with Oscar Pistorius?

Well on the weekend, every time I had a negative thought about getting the interview back, or what right do I have to even ask the question – I brought my attention back to the positive things that I’m doing with Dream On and how they could make a difference to people and myself and how that is important to me and perhaps to other people to.

In my head, I had many conversations with Oscar, telling him why his interview would make a difference to me and to Dream On and also telling him how grateful I was for the interview.

Now, I really think that my attention this weekend made the difference because on Monday morning the answers came through.

It took just two and a half days (he did it over the weekend) for one of the most famous Paralympians and Olympians to answer my questions…

I think that’s huge!!!!

What a generous gift from him to me. I will never forget that.

He is such a huge inspiration to me and when I look at him, I forget the fear and the doubt, I start to believe in myself and my dreams.

That is what he has done for me.

That is what I hope I can do (even in a little way) for you.

Dream On

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