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The First Dream On Day is happening!!

We have a date and a venue for the first ever Dream On afternoon – how exciting is that!!

Its the 4th August from 2pm till whenever…At the private room in the Crown and Anchor in Chiswick.

My vision for the Dream On days is threefold:

First it is about connecting with inspiring, interesting, nice people.

I believe that if we connect with enough supportive, creative people, we can create possibilities for ourselves in our lives; possibilities that we would never have thought of, or expected.

Look at me with the Metro.

Look at the interviews I’ve got on the blog. That’s because I’ve met and connected with some amazing people.

Connections can make our lives easier, from helping us find a new job, to meeting new friends or finding the new love of our life.

There’s magic in connections!

Secondis about having a space to talk about your hopes and dreams with like minded people. A space where people don’t judge you and you can talk freely about little dreams, big dreams, seemingly impossible dreams…Or if you’re a bit shy about your dreams you can talk to other people about their dreams…

I’m finding out that if you give your dreams the right space and time then they grow…

Even if you have one afternoon a month to talk and think about your hopes and dreams ,it will give them space to grow. The more they grow, the more powerful they become. The more powerful they become, the more you believe in them. The more you believe in them, the more other people believe in them.

Third is about creating a physical space where members of the community can showcase what they do and how they do it….

It doesn’t help having a great novel, a great talent, a great photo, a great business idea if no one knows about it.

My grand plan is to create a community which supports and nurtures us in the fulfilment of our little dreams, big dreams, seemingly impossible dreams…

I want eventually to…ask people like nutritionists, healers, venture capitalists, marketing gurus, relaxation experts and relationship coaches to come and talk to the Dream On community and share their expertise with us.

But let’s start at the very beginning. That’s a very good place to start:-)

I would be very honoured if you Dream On readers in London and around London would join us for our Dream On day on the 4th August.

Please would you email me at and let me know if you can make it.

Here’s to us and our dreams!

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