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Launching the Dream On Community


I am very proud and excited to announce the Launch of the Dream On Community.

As lovely readers of this blog, I would like you all to consider yourselves part of The Community.

So what is The Community? What can The Community do for you and each other?

My dream is to build a network of people who support and inspire each other in following their dreams.

I believe that if dreams are given space and support they can grow.

How many times have you had an idea, or wanted to try something new, but other people say ‘play it safe! Stick to what you know!’ ‘It will never work!’

How many of you have a dream (no matter how big or small), but do not have the confidence, inspiration or support to go for it?

The Community will be there to help with all of these things. My aim is to make the community as diverse as possible, from help with healing your mind, body or spirit, to finding out things to do with the kids over the school holidays.

The community will also include people who have created products or services, that we can all use and support. If you need a wedding photographer or want to find a gift (such as a hand painted vase) then the community will be the place to look.

Health and support with health issues is also dear to my heart (having been through blood clots myself and having been through cancer with my mom) I want the community to be a place where people with health issues can come for support and advice. Where we all can learn more about health and creating better health for each of us.

As you will see from our website, we already have a diverse group of ‘Dreamoners’ who have already started to follow their dreams

So far we have Tracy with her household management ideas blog, Caro and her beautiful things, Brendan and his work in music and sustainability, Ella the chainsaw carver, Theo the photographer and the band ‘Trenton & Free Radical’.

I would love to add to the list, so if you have something you are working on or have started, let me know.

For those who have not started their dream, or their dream is not a business idea, I still want to hear from you, and provide a space for your dreams. In short I want you all to be involved in one way or another, so don’t think ‘I don’t have anything to bring to the table’.

You may even be able to inspire others through your day job.

Paul and I have also started a Facebook page for Masters & Harris (click on the link, top right of this page). While some of you already know us on Facebook, we would love the new page to be the hub of the community, where you can comment, pass on thanks and give general love and support (please no slagging off or foul language. You will be blocked :-))

To make the community more real and tangible, we are looking into starting up ‘Dream On Evenings’ which will be social events, where you can meet fellow Dreamoners, showcase your work, have fun and be inspired. The first few will be close to our home, but there’s nothing stopping you starting your own evenings where ever you are in the world (before we go global that is).

Here’s to all of us, and to following our dreams!

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