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What do you do if Plan A doesn’t work out the way you planned?


I saw this saying on Pinterest last week (thanks to Sam Werge!) and it fits so well with where I am in my life and with the blog for this week that I had to use it.

So…what if you have that dream…or even some sort of personal goal and you have a cunning plan to reach your dream.

You travel along the path that you have planned with your dream in your heart and you hope every day that your journey will take you within reach of your dream.

However, one day you realise that your plan isn’t working the way you had hoped and that the journey is not going where you thought it would go.

So…What do you do??

Do you wail and gnash your teeth and give up?

Or do you carry on?

I think that you never give up on a dream that is in your heart.

I think that dreams are given to you to lift you up in life and help you fly – even the thought of those dreams helps to lift you up.

However, when you make a plan – sometimes life has a better plan.

I really believe this.

I honestly believe that Life wants you to achieve your dreams and is cheering you on as you take each step (although sometimes it doesn’t feel like it!)

I know what I am talking about. I am a big planner. I have great ideas (which don’t always work…)

I guess the main thing as an example in my life at the moment is the shop idea. Paul and I thought we may open a shop called Masters and Harris which I talked about in the blog last week. Everyone from the bank, to the parents and our friends were really excited by the idea. We grafted our little butts off and planned until the cows came home.

We decided not to go with the shop at the end of the day.

What we are left with is Masters and Harris – a business plan of where we want to go with it and some really great support from the people around us and the people we talked to.

Our plan A didn’t work but there’s no doubt that something is working, but not in the way that we thought it would.

I read something really appropriate the other day in a book called, ‘You can create an exceptional life’ by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson.

Cheryl says, ‘in my 20’s and 30’s I was someone was someone who took goal setting seriously. I made lists of career goals, financial goals, relationship goals, and so on; and I created action plans and treasure maps to support them.

Looking back, they were wonderful tools that allowed me to harness my creative energy, but at some point things changed. Something shifted inside me.

Although I still created treasure maps – visual boards or collages reflecting images which made me feel good and gave me something to aspire to –

I became less interested in hunting for success and more concerned with how present I was to the direction Life was calling me to go in.’ (page 8)

They both talk about life being perfect just the way it is (I know that lots of things in my life don’t feel perfect but perhaps they are leading me towards my wings?)

They talk about TRUSTING IN LIFE

for me that is the lesson for this week. To Trust in life – no matter where you are, or what is happening to you.

Never give up on your dreams – even if Plan A and B don’t work.

Your dreams are within your reach – you have the power and the resources to fly.

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