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Going with the Flow


When I interviewed Marco from Trenton and Free Radical, my last question was about what advice he would give us on living our dreams. His answer took my breath away and set me thinking….about going with the flow and about water…

Here’s what he said:

Well, it’s always easy to say, but I go by the motto, go with the flow, you are 80% water, you might as well.

I don’t believe in forcing things.

I do believe in positive thinking, call it Quantum Physics, or whatever you want.

I think if you really focus on something realistically achievable, it can be done.

I did not push for this, it kind of happened because I always followed my passion, music.

But, I was also realistic and did a Management course in Music Industry Management and as you know, worked in the Corporate World doing production and project management, but always related to events.

You can’t expect to sit at home and focus on becoming a musician and suddenly it happens. To be honest 80% so far is band business, rather than making music, but this is shifting towards more and more music.

So by all means, follow your dreams, but be realistic and have a plan B, I guess.

So what is flow?

For me, there are two types of flow:

1. the flow of our life (that is to do with the creative force which drives us towards our dreams),

2. the flow of the system we are part of (I guess for most of us that is the capitalist system and the resultant society in which we live). The flow of the system has to do with being a part of the world we were born into and finding a way to flow with that rather than struggle against it.

And what does it mean to ‘go with the flow’?

For me ‘going with the flow’ doesn’t mean accepting where you are in your life and living the way other people and society expect you to.

It does mean, recognising where you are in your life and also understanding the way society works.

I’ve got to say here, that for me, more often than not, society’s flow feels more like a battle than a flow!!

However, resisting society’s flow makes life very hard, so for us who dare to follow our dreams, we need to find a way through, instead of a way against…

We all need to use our life experiences and life tools to direct us in the easiest path to our dreams.

Take a journey down a river for example; along the route there will be places where the river is so calm you have to paddle, places where the current will take you along with no effort. There will also be rapids, waterfalls and weirs which need navigating. Do you stop when the going gets rough, or do you carry on through (or round)?

What life taught me about flow

Before I had my blood clots, I was trying to force my life on a number of levels. I was working full out to make a living as a sole trader, but in the in between times I was pushing to get ‘our things’ working. It was all about push, push, push.

I never rested properly. I never enjoyed the moment because I was living three years in the future (and what an exciting future it was).

The clots literally made me stop.

I had to live in the moment. I had to appreciate life as it was, then and there. It is more about the ‘here and now’ rather than three to five years down the line.

The whole pace of my life changed for the better because I couldn’t push so much. I had to go with the flow.

However, the doctors wanted me to stay on the Warfarin (Rat poison) for the rest of my life because they couldn’t figure out why I had clotted. This is where I chose my flow because I believed that I could change the quality of my blood naturally. I changed my diet, drank more water, took super-duper vitamins. The blood tests eventually showed that my blood levels were normal and there was no need for me to be on Warfarin.

Before I had the clots I used to crave broccoli all the time. When I finally looked at my food bible (Healing with Whole Foods) after the clots happened, I learnt that broccoli was the best food for thinning the blood. My body was telling me all the way along – I wish I’d listened to it earlier.

I do now!

I have to say that I have found this a very challenging topic and could have gone on and on… I’d love to hear what ‘going with the flow’ means to you.

Lastly, I want you to trust the flow of your life, and to trust that you have the resources to navigate your journey and reach your destination, with as little struggle as possible.


Becky says:

Regarding flow – there are also places where the river has silted up – and you may need to clear out a channel, or the river’s not going where you want to, so you may even need to create/ dig a completely new channel to restore/ facilitate a new flow.

Also, you sometimes have to lift your boat out and carry it over dry land to the next part of the river that is flowing.

(Rebecca Young

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