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When you connect with people miracles can happen

As all of you know, I have written two blogs recently, one called, ‘Music may be the answer’ and the other, ‘an interview with Trenton and Free Radical’.

I want to tell you how these came about and how the connection I’ve made with Marco Wielander (my contact in the band) has changed my way of thinking and has really helped with the blog.

For me connecting with people is very important.

I connect with my family and close friends on a weekly basis. At work I also make connections with colleagues, where I enjoy finding out a bit more about them than just the work they do.

When I started using Facebook properly, the best thing was that it made me feel connected to many lovely people, who I otherwise wouldn’t have got to know. Likewise, this blog is another connection to people around the world.

Sooo, why am I going on about connections? What is so special about making a connection with other people?

Well, ultimately I believe that connections can change lives!

All of us go about our daily lives, interacting with certain people during our day. However, to me, it sometimes feels like each of us is an island, and modern life can make us feel alone.

Has anyone looked for a new job recently? It sometimes makes you feel life is more about who you know, not what you know. What about being single and trying to meet new people? I was single for a long time and I know how alone I felt.

With life as busy and fast-paced as it is, we pass each other literally in the night.

For me a connection is when two people meet, they share ideas and support each other.

So, then why is connection important?

It is important because when two or more people work together this creates POWER and COMMUNITY.

Let me explain, Marco Wielander and I used to work together. While we interacted on a work level, at the start I never knew much about his passion for music, and he never knew that I wanted to write and make a difference with my words.

Ironically, it was only after we both left the company, that we connected on Facebook.

With this connection, we learned more about each other, and about our hopes and dreams..

I asked Marco if I could interview his band. He sent me a link to one of their songs, which I really enjoyed. I then wrote about that song in my blog, which to be honest, was not the sort of topic, I thought I would be blogging about. Marco then put the link to my blog on his facebook page.

Despite the band’s busy schedule, they did the interview, and that is how I got my first interview for the blog.

Through this connection we have not only helped each other, but perhaps changed the course of each others lives…

My dream is to create a Dream On community, where that community can connect, help and support each other, to get from where they are in their lives, to where they want to be.

This could be as simple as two people sharing a skill – such as tips on how to take a good photo, or what to do with the kids over the holidays.

There are about one hundred people regularly reading my blog (which I am very grateful for!!!) – can you imagine one hundred people building bridges between each other and sharing their knowledge?

Imagine the power of that!!!

Connections can truly change the world.

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