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Interview with exciting band, Trenton and Free Radical

Meet Trenton and Free Radical!


Their album, ‘Giant Step’ is out on the 29th March!

I spoke to my contact on the inside, Marco Wielander,

about the band, here’s what he had to say:

1. Tell us a bit more about yourself and about Trenton Birch?

Well, I’m a European continental, bit of a Nomad, who grew up in Ibiza, but has lived in most of European countries and ended up in the UK following my passion, Music. I was actually about to leave the UK again because I got a job offer in Austria, when Trenton (who I had met before whilst working for a label) offered me a job in the UK.

Trenton is from Johannesburg in South Africa, but lived some years in Cape Town before moving to London. He also has a bit of nomadic background and has lived in Kenya and a number of other African countries.

2. How did Trenton and Free Radical get started?

Well, once I started working with Trenton, I gave him a beat or two of mine which I had laying around. He then recorded something and I thought, ‘Hey this guy is actually quite good!’

I realized that Trenton had something to say in comparison to some of the people I worked with before. With some of the people I had worked with before the Rap was more of an ‘ego trip’ kind of Rap, and with Trenton it was very different. The band all started from there really.

3. You guys have a great music video on youtube for your song ‘Tomorrow’s Day’ and a great album called ‘Giant Step’ which is out on the 29th March – what is the story of your journey to this point? I know how difficult it is to get from doing the ‘day job’ to making your dreams work!

The story has been a long one until now, and is by far not over, I hope.

Well, we were working our day jobs, but always making music. I for example, have to play guitar at least every two days, if not I go mad, it’s my meditation / stress relieve.

So, once we had some tracks together, we decided let’s work on an album and get a band together.

Obviously, there were many obstacles and we tested out lots of other musicians, until we got Kaz Kasozi from Uganda (an amazing musician/artist/genius) who plays Bass for us. Sam (who is also a very talented musician from Zimbabwe living in the UK) took on the percussion for us.

To do the jump from the ‘Day Job’ to making the dream work, well it hasn’t quite happened yet. I worked and saved all summer and the 5 years before that, to be able to take some time off to make music.

I tell you, making an album and a video is not cheap!

Trenton is working in Cape Town 3 times a week for a Music Technology School called SAE and I’ll have to go back and earn some cash, if we don’t get income through music very soon.

Hopefully, this can be avoided if people buy our album.

But this just means that we are earning money, we are far from recouping what we invested, but hey, all for the love of music!

4. What are your dreams for the band?

To be honest, if I can play in front of a decent crowd and everybody sings one of our songs, I have fulfilled my dream. This might lead to another bigger dream, but at the moment this would make me the happiest person for now.

Obviously, living the rest of my life making music and surviving from it, would really be cool, but let’s take it step by step.

I can’t speak for the rest of the band, but I assume being a full-time artist (rather than a musician playing sessions) and travelling the world performing our music and helping people on the way, would be their dream too.

5. Lastly, my blog is all about being the best that you can be and living the life of your dreams – what advice would you give to the readers about what it takes to live your dreams?

Well, it’s always easy to say, but I go by the motto, go with the flow, you are 80% water, you might as well.

I don’t believe in forcing things.

I do believe in positive thinking, call it Quantum Physics, or whatever you want.

I think if you really focus on something realistically achievable, it can be done.

I did not push for this, it kind of happened because I always followed my passion, music.

But, I was also realistic and did a Management course in Music Industry Management and as you know, worked in the Corporate World doing production and project management, but always related to events.

You can’t expect to sit at home and focus on becoming a musician and suddenly it happens. To be honest 80% so far is band business, rather than making music, but this is shifting towards more and more music.

So by all means, follow your dreams, but be realistic and have a plan B, I guess.

And also, be prepared that the way to your dream is not always fun, but take it in a positive way and never stop believing!

If you want to know more, here are all of the band’s details:




Twitter: @Freeradicallive

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