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How Broccoli helped me to change my blood


I would like to dedicate today’s blog to my Mom. She is not very well at the moment and had a big operation to remove a tumour yesterday. Please would you send good thoughts and prayers in her direction.

I had some good news last week from my hospital appointment with the blood doctors. They have been trying to figure out why I had the clots. Two elements of my blood have been slightly above the normal range and so the doctors were quite keen to keep me on the Warfarin.

I have to say here that the NHS have done me proud – they have looked after me and made sure I was ok. However, taking Warfarin means that you can not eat properly (Warfarin is reactive to most greens) and you need to get the levels tested frequently to make sure your blood is not too thick or too thin.

Since coming off the Warfarin in June, I have substantially changed my diet – more greens, drinking water, less meat, moderate alcohol. I have also been taking a super duperĀ vitamin and omega three oils which I know increase the ‘thinness’ of the blood. I have exercised every day and have done visualisations and energy exercises almost every day.

I have a book called ‘Healing with Wholefoods’ and in the Blood chapter it says that the quality of the blood can be substantially improved by slight changes in the diet.

Well blow me down – my blood tests are all normal!!!

They have discharged me from the clinic and have said to come back when I get pregnant.

How’s that for GOOD NEWS!

What that says to me is that you can change the way your body works for the better.

Through my choices over the last seven months I have been able to change the quality of my blood. WOW!

This is the end of a chapter in my life and I want to say thank you to everyone who has been there for me and helped me along the way.

This leads me very nicely into talking about a very inspirational lady called Rebecca Young who helped me through the clots in her own special way.

Rebecca was a lawyer, who in 1995 followed her spiritual calling to become a healer. She has studied with Barbara Ann Brennan, Brandon Bays and Mirander Holden.

In December 2010 when I first had my clots, I felt helpless and I wanted to do something (other than take Warfarin) to help myself, so I phoned Rebecca. She told me that even though I could not get out of the flat (I couldn’t breath) that she could help me over the phone.

In our first phone session she talked to me about my experience and in the middle of the conversation I felt a well of sadness rise up from the area where I knew that the clots were, and I cried for about fifteen minutes on the phone. Rebecca and I worked together until I had my lung scans which confirmed that the clots had completely gone away.

So, what is healing?

In Rebecca’s own words, ‘A healer works with her own energy and yours, together with universal or spiritual energy and the power of intention, to create an opening for healing to happen. Sometimes in addition to relaxation, people report pain relief or other more physical types of healing.’

I would highly recommend Rebecca and her healing and awakening work.

At the moment Rebecca is offering 50 free half an hour sessions – here is her website if you would like to take a look.

We all have health challenges, some more serious than others, but be aware that you do have the power to change your health for the better.

Here’s to your health!

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