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You do have a choice and you can make a new choice anytime you want

I really do believe that each one of us deserves a good, happy and fulfilling life, and that no matter where we are now, despite the choices we have made to this point -WE CAN CHANGE, WE CAN MAKE NEW CHOICES.

The aim of this blog is to make you aware that YOU DO HAVE CHOICES, even if you don’t believe you do.


Relationships and love:

•What do your relationships look and feel like?

•Do they nurture you and support you?

•Are they give and take relationships?

•Do you have someone to talk to and to share your life with?

•Do you have people to celebrate your life with?

•Are you looking for Mr or Mrs Right?

•Are you in a love relationship with Mr or Mrs Wrong?

We all deserve friendship and love – lots of it.

Yet many of us stay in friendships which do not nurture us and in relationships which are not happy one’s. In the past I have been single (for a very long time) and also in abusive relationships, but since meeting Paul – I know that love is possible!!

Even if we make a mistake in choosing friends or lovers we can still make a new choice – I’ve known people who have been divorced but then found love the second time around (some people take more times to get it right, for example Joan Collins…)


•Are you happy in your work or your job?,

•Do you feel passionate about what you do?,

•Is it easy or hard work?

•Do you feel that it is easier to stay where you are than find something different?

•What would you do if you could do anything and make a living?

I know that times are tough and jobs are not easy to find. I know that making a living from doing what you love is easier said than done, but people are doing it.

Despite all of the difficulties we do have the choice to change the way we earn a living and although it is not something that happens overnight, if we keep making new choices they can lead to a fulfilling, sustaining, financially viable livelihood.


•Do you have enough energy to get through the day?,

•What are your health concerns?

•Do you exercise?

•What do you eat?

•Are you a worrier or do you just go with the flow?By changing the way we think, the food we eat, and the actions we take, we can change the way our body works. Look at Dennise Linn who was shot and left for dead when she was a teenager. Not only did she survive, but she thrived and she has become a world renowned healer, author and teacher.


•Do you have enough?

•Do you make enough?

•What is enough?

•How do you make your money?

•How would you like to make your money?

•What are your fixed expenses each month?

•What would you like to spend on?

•If you had enough money how would your life be different?

No matter how much , or how little money you have in your life now – there is enough money in the world to go around (the trick is how to get it!).

Many of us have been taught that we have to work hard and struggle for money, but what if by making new choices we can earn money by doing things we love? Nick Williams used to work in marketing, but he was unfulfilled and unhappy with what he was doing, so he decided to start on a new path. He started with writing a book called: ‘The Work We Were Born to Do’. He has written two other books, he speaks all around the world, he has created a website for sacred entrepreneurs and he consults. His choices have led him to a new, soulful way of earning a living.

This is only the beginning….

A lot to take in…

All I hope is that it starts you thinking and realising that you have the power make new choices every day.

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