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Turning a Situation Around


When certain things happen to you, they can make you feel rubbish.

For example when my big client cut my contract and only gave me two weeks notice, it made me feel like a bad employee and left me feeling unemployable…If they don’t want me….who will??? Other situations – such as finding out you have an illness, being dumped by your partner, being put down on a regular basis by your boss – these can make you also feel really bad.

They can make you see yourself in a certain way and make you feel like you have no choices.

Remember though, you have the freedom to choose how you feel, or react in a situation.No one can make you feel anything.

This is definately easier said than done – I know! When I was feeling like a cut-employeed, when you are feeling sad because you don’t have the right partner, or like you are not good enough to get anywhere in your company or you are feeling like the victim of your body (if you have an illness), it’s not easy to say to yourself, “Hey, I have a choice here.”

It’s easier to to trust the message you are getting from your company, from your ex-partner, from your doctors, from your boss, than to trust in yourself. Why is that??

When is it that we learn to trust what everyone else says about us and our life – over what we feel,over what our heart tells us is right for us?Society tells us that life is hard and that each day should be a slog, where you don’t have the time or the money to live life the way you want to live it.

What if there is a BIG ADVENTURE out there waiting for each of us, but we have to trust ourselves enough to carry on making the moment by moment choices which will lead us there?What if our lives could be filled with ease and magic, instead of hardship and slogness?”Shoo,” I hear you say, “My life is nothing like that. What are you talking about?!!” I know what you are saying, I’m not quite there yet either, but there are some people right here, right now, who are living a different life. I promise to find those people and interview them so you can see with your own two eyes that there is another way.

Anyhow, my last day at my big client dawned, and as I walked in the door I was literally shaking in my boots. I had worked there for three years – they were part family to me. Thing is though, through out those years of working there, I’d always longed to be ‘doing my own thing’. Soooo, if I looked at it from another way, this was my opportunity to start to create the LIFE OF MY DREAMS.

Perhaps I too could have a life of adventure, of freedom, of fun and of magic. That thought turned me from Mrs No-Hoper to Mrs Adventurer.

In that moment, I decided to do something completely out of character and potentially risky and tell the whole company about my blog. In my goodbye email I told the whole company that there was more to me than just my role at the company (I think some people were really shocked to hear this:-) and that I was writing a blog. I didn’t just want to give my blog address to everyone,so I asked people to e-mail me if they wanted to see my blog. Like I said, most of the employees only knew me from my role in the company, so I was pretty sure not many people would be interested.

I was BLOWN AWAY that day as I had about 20 people email me and ask to see my blog. Who’d have thought that!! Thank you to all of those people who had a look at my blog. I was totally amazed.

What was even more exhilerating was that my last day there felt more like the start of a big adventure, than the end of a contract.

That day I felt like the queen of my world.When I walked out of the office in the afternoon, rather than walking out as someone who has been terminated, I walked out as someone who had done something for myself, something that I could be proud of.

I walked out as someone who was more than just one of their suppliers, I walked out as someone ACTIVELY WALKING ON THE PATH OF THEIR DREAMS.That’s the person I want to be all of the time.

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