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Relaxation is the key to better health


I am completely convinced that relaxation is the key – not just physical relaxation, mental and emotional relaxation too. It’s the key to physical balance but, I’m sure, it’s the key to accessing the natural flow of life; it’s the key to manifestation.

Relaxation sounds easy…

I am an anxious person and for me mental, emotional and physical relaxation is not easy.

What’s interesting is that since my pulmonary embolism I have had trouble with breathing while I am talking. I probably wasn’t the most natural breather before, but the PE has made it harder for me to talk for long periods of time without hyperventilating.

I’m beginning to suspect though, that talking and breathing are affected by how stressed I feel in a situation. When I sit and talk to a friend, or my husband, generally I don’t notice the breathing and talking trouble. It’s as soon as I walk in to work, where I train people, it’s then that it becomes a struggle. Sometimes though I am not obviously stressed, but the environment where I work is stressful in itself.

I wonder if a stressful environment and our own subconscious thoughts about this stressful environment affect the way we breathe and in my case the way I talk?

I think we are brought up to accept struggle and hardship as the norm. This in turn creates emotional turmoil in the form of fear, anger, frustration and grief. All in all by the time we reach adulthood we do not know how to be ourselves and relax in our bodies. Although relaxation should be a natural state, it becomes foreign to many of us.

How then do we get back to this natural state of relaxation?

Many of us are already doing a ton of things, such as exercise, taking up hobbies, talking to loved ones or friends, in order to switch off and relax.

I think that a good start is to allow yourself to ‘just be’ for a few minutes every day. Just being involves no goals, no ‘should’ thoughts, no doing. I know that with me I often focus on how I can create a new life for myself, or I have a never-ending to do list, or a list of people who I should contact. When I’m relaxing, I often replay situations or conversations which are bothering me, or think up more income-generating ideas.

There’s no time for me to meet the present moment. Or for me to enjoy or respond to the current moment.

Being involves giving yourself space – allowing yourself to flow with your life and for life to flow around you. It’s easy. It’s simple.

But we are not used to easy or simple. So give it time!

Another way to get in touch with relaxation is to start becoming aware of your body. I recently re-discovered a relaxation technique that I was originally taught at school. It involves sitting in a quiet space, or any space and mentally telling each part of your body to relax. I do this every night before I go to sleep. When I tell my toes and my calves and my knees to relax…they do…and it’s such a nice feeling.

When you are connected to your body you become aware of places where you are holding tension and aware of situations which create tension. Once you are aware of these things you can change them.

Awareness gives you power.

Today I met a very inspirational man called Daniel, who relaxes his body by doing something called ‘Sky Walking’. Basically, he ties a wire (or is it a rope?) between two high points – a rock and a mountain, or two mountains (sometimes it is just off the ground)!! Then he walks across the wire… (He does have all the safety equipment necessary to protect him should he fall.)

He told me that you need to be totally relaxed to be able to do this. I guess this would develop an amazing connection to the body and a real physical understanding of what it is to be relaxed. Daniel said that he doesn’t do this for the thrill, but he does this to relax. Wow!

What would life be like if we could relax and be ourselves? What would life be like if we could relax in our bodies, if we could relax and follow our passions to make a living?

If we were relaxed we would feel more joy and more peace.

How different would the world be then…

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